Dinamo – Malmo. Online Europa League match

Динамо - Мальме. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Watch online Dinamo – malmö on 19 September

Thursday will be the first European Cup match between Dynamo Kiev and malmö. Follow the games online at Korrespondent.net

Thursday, 19 September 2019, will be the first European Cup match Dynamo after coming to the coaching Alexei Mikhailichenko.

At the Olympic stadium in Kyiv the white-Blues in the first round group stage of the Europa League will play with the bronze medalist of the championship Sweden malmö. The beginning of a team meeting at 19:30 Kyiv time.

Korrespondent.net will hold an online broadcast of the match, watch the game online.

Wednesday, September 18, head coach of Kiev, Alexei Mikhailichenko and one of the players will answer the journalists ‘ questions at the pre-match press conference. The broadcast begins at 16:45.

Last weekend the team of Mickle and German Uwe Rösler spent the next matches in their national leagues. The Dynamo failed to win a sixth successive match in all competitions, losing in the Premier League, Desna – 1:2, and in the standings of the Premier League occupy the sixth position.

Recent matches Dynamo:

  • 15.09.19. Dynamo – gum 1:2 (UPL)
  • 01.09.19. Zorya – Dynamo 2:2 (UPL)
  • 24.08.19. Dynamo – Olimpik 1:1 (UPL)
  • 13.08.19. Dynamo – Bruges 3:3 (Champions League-2019/20, qualification)
  • 10.08.19. Dynamo – Shakhtar 1:2 (UPL)

In turn, Malmo in the match of the championship Sweden proved to be stronger than Norrkoping -1:0 (RIX, 56) and in seven rounds to finish with 47 points in second, two points behind Aika.

Recent matches malmö:

  • 15.0919. Malmö – Norrkoping 1:0 (Swedish first division)
  • 01.09.19. Kalmar – malmö 0:5 (Swedish first division)
  • 29.08.19. Bnei Yehuda – malmö 0:1 (Europa League-2019/20, qualification)
  • 25.08.19. Malmö – djurgården 0:1 (Swedish first division)
  • 22.08.19. Malmö – Bnei-Yehuda 3:0 (Europa League-2019/20, qualification)

To work on the match in Kiev, UEFA has entrusted the 42-year-old FIFA referee from Northern Macedonia Alexandru Stavreva, which are designed to help compatriots Marjan Kirovski, Dejan Kostadinov fourth official and Dimitar Meckarovski.

Динамо - Мальме. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Dinamo – malmö online watch / photo: iSport.ua

At the start of the group stage of the Europa League Dynamo will receive 2.75 million euros. Each victory in the group is estimated at 570 thousand euros, each draw is 190 thousand. Winners will receive an additional 1 million euros, the second team – for 500 thousand.

For access to the 1/16 finals clubs got 500 thousand euros, in 1/8 – 1.1 million, in the 1/4 – 1.5 million in the semifinals 2.4 million, almost 4.5 million, for the victory of another 4 million

In addition, Dynamo club, which occupies the 30th position (sixth among participants of League of Europe) in 10-year ranking of the UEFA, get even 3,045 million euros for the historic achievement.


Динамо - Мальме. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Estimated lineups

Dynamo Kiev: Boyko, Mikolenko, Kadar, Burda, of Kincora, Kadiri, buialskyi, Garmash, where Foam, Tsygankov, Rodriguez.

Malmö: Dalin, Knudsen, Nielsen, Larsson, BAME, Rieks, Hemmes, Bashir, Traustason Antonsson, Rosenberg.

Where to watch live stream of the match

Live match 19th Sep from 19:55, shows the Football 1 TV channel.

Forecast for the match Dinamo – Malmo

Динамо - Мальме. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Watch online Dinamo – Malmo / photo: iSport.ua

All bookmakers clearly believe favorite Dynamo Kiev. Experts from William Hill has installed quotes – 1.65 for the win of Dinamo 5.50 – on the success of the Swedish club. On a tie bet with odds of 3.80.

Experts PariMatch appreciated the home win 1.88 at malmö 4,50. That the match ends in a draw – take rates by 3.55.