Dinamo won the first victory at the training camp in Spain

Динамо одержало первую победу на сборе в Испании

Dinamo won

An own goal from rookie Dynamo did not prevent the people of Kiev to beat Osijek.

Dynamo Kiev only in the fourth match at the training camp in Spain won, beating the Croatian Osijek with the score 3:2.

In the beginning of the game after a free kick by Croats Benjamin, Werbach made a mistake and head deflected the ball into his own net.

However, Kiev immediately managed to turn the game in their favor and on the 8-th minute Dmitry Khlyobas equalized in touch ferried the ball into the goal.

After another five minutes Vladislav Alexeev after a cross from the left touchline, Mikolenko jumped above the defender and fired goalwards.

In the beginning of the second half Khlyobas has scored a brace, with the move just shot under the near post.

On 78 th minute Gabriel Boban reduced by converting the one-on-one, but more Croats could not do.

Thus, Dynamo has got the first victory at the training camp in Marbella and in 2018 the year as a whole. Earlier, Kiev lost twice – Austrian Assault and the Swiss Sankt Gallen and played a draw with the Norwegian Haugesund.

Dinamo – Osijek 3:2

Naked: Verbic 1 (ed.), Khlyobas 8, Alekseev 13, Khlyobas 55 – Boban 78

Dynamo: Makhanek (Rudko 46), KENDZERA (Shabanov 69), Alibekov, Alekseev, Mikolenko, Docile (Shepelev 66), Burda (Morozyuk 69), Rotan (Gusev 67), Khlyobas, Shaparenko, Verbic (Garmash 46)

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