Dinamo – Young Boys 2:2. Online

Динамо - Янг Бойз 2:2. Онлайн

Dinamo – young boys – UEFA Europa League news, 19 October at 22:00.

Dynamo Kyiv will take on Olympic Swiss young boys in the group round of the Europa League.

The meeting will begin at 22:00.

Корреспондент.net will hold an online broadcast of the match.

Dynamo on the results of two rounds the leader in group B of the group stage of the Europa League with six points. In second place – young boys, whose assets two points.

Dynamo and young boys this year have already met in European competitions. In the Champions League, Kiev won in the first match at home but lost away and I passed the Swiss club. But, as we see in the Champions League young boys too, did not stay, so now the teams will meet in UEFA Europa League.

Dynamo is configured to revenge for the previous defeat.

A text stream

62. Sydorchuk was injured, even the stretcher is needed. Losing captain Dynamo. Very disappointing. Garmash goes instead of Sergei.

61. Series of angular young Boys in what have not resulted. But Smith didn’t look very confident.

58. Buyalsky has a low shot, goalkeeper of the Swiss are in place.

53. Yellow card for Kevin Mbabu for simulation in the penalty area Dynamo.

49. Well, more can not miss! Enough heroic rescue!

48. ГОООООООООООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛ!!!! Morozyuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful free kick! 2:2!

47. After a corner Buyalsky broke up the attack, ran with the ball from one penalty area to another and it fouled. Very dangerous free kick, and even yellow Fassnacht.

46. With the attack began, guests and earned a corner.

The second half started!

Kiev concede again after the first half in the Europa League. In the previous two games managed to level the scores and snatch victory!

The first half is over! Dynamo losing 1:2

44. Time for a break soon. Again believe in motivation from Luzhny during the break?

43. Continues aerial bombing of the penalty young boys Dinamo. But until you protect the guests cope with all the flows.

40. All early start home. Buyalsky earned a free-kick, but fouled in attack after submitting.

39. Well, what’s wrong with them????????????? GOAL! Again misses a Dynamo. Very simple. Corner, discount and Assali with the meter shoots Koval. 1:2

Like already the initiative prihvatili, and a goal is scored, but quickly conceded again.

37. Kadar beat after a corner – very inaccurate.

36. The moment young boys, a dangerous cross from the nobody closed.

34. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Buyalsky divinely played, took the game over, beat a few players, a wall with Moraes and rolled Mbokani already in empty gate. The striker has not missed! 1:1!!!!

Now that’s a real Dynamo!

33. Click kiyani. Junior turns his marker on the corner kick, kicks in far left, the Keeper drags.

31. Dangerous free-kick Dynamo ended with a hit in mind, which came to the standard. Brewing goal.

30. Mbokani is now the best on the field. The whole fight wins, and through him, all attacks of owners IDF. Moraes is not so noticeable.

28. What point does not implement Derlis. After the surge Morozyuk, Derlis from a few metres vlupit the post. Super moment!

23. Played Dynamo, pass attack, the flanks are connected. Sydorchuk struck straight into the defender.

20. Sydorchuk struck after he won the selection crossbar.

18. Ran to beat kaylene. Buyalsky has not got to gate. Better control of the ball to Vitaly.

17. GOAL! Misses A Dynamo. Still, the ricochet has helped. ASAL scores. Well, nothing Dynamo in the Europa League always missed the first and then won!

15. Kiev is not holding the ball. The only hope that the attackers secepatnya ahead.

13. Dynamo is very deep behind the ball, plans to play on counterattacks. The ball from young boys.

12. On Mbokani for the second time foul. Yet no yellow cards. Dynamo striker good at holding the ball.

10. Buyalsky has after a corner – hard, but at the centre of the goal.

9. Pivaric earned a corner kick on the left flank.

5. Starts very active young boys. Own advantage. Dynamo bounces.

2. The Swiss answer his attack was dangerous, but the striker of guests is not reached for riding gear.

Very energetic start from us.

1. In the first seconds was able to score the Kiev. Mbokani was taken alone, but struck forward by much.

The match is underway!

Two strikers in the starting Dynamo – Moraes and Mbokani. It should be interesting.

Khacheridi outside of the application, the trauma affected.

Starting lineups:

Dynamo: Smith — Kengera, Species, Kadar, Pivaric — Morozyuk, Buialskyi, Sidorchuk, Gonzalez Moraes, Mbokani

Young boys: Balmos — Mbabu, von Bergen, nūh, Latombe — Fassnacht, SDA, Sanogo, Soleimani — Namaliu, Assale

The head coach of Dynamo Alexander Khatskevich has a birthday today. The team tries to congratulate him on the field!

The people of Kiev are coming into the game with only one loss. Victor Tsygankov did not have time to recover from his injury and is out of the game, but domagoj Vida are already in service and ready to help the team. Yevhen Khacheridi is a problem with the tendon and he did not train in the General group.

“Has anything changed in the game young boys? Yes. Since then, the team has progressed very well in terms of ball control and aggression in the opponent’s half of the field. Young boys a little bit away from the previous structure of the game: this team used a lot of high passes, now they are betting on small and medium passing game with an active forward. So our opponents began to show a more fluid football,” said Dinamo head coach Alyaksandr Khatskevich.

The bookies Dynamo is the undisputed favorite of the match. The coefficient on the victory of Dinamo is 1.69, while quotes for success is equal to 4.70. A draw in the game at the Olympic is estimated by the index of 4.00.