Director of Naftogaz said when I get back

Директор Нафтогаза рассказал, когда вернется

Executive Director of Naftogaz abroad now

Pasichnik called the accusations absurd NABOO.

Executive officer of Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Pasichnyk warned detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau about his planned holiday abroad. Pasechnik wrote on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, 9 March.

“Just from outside of Ukraine in a planned vacation (which was booked by telegram detective NABS), from the media learned that if I was planning something to give and accused of absurd things. First, I expressed desire to arrive in NABOO after the eloquent statement of the official website, and provided all the necessary evidence!” – wrote the official.

According to Pasichnyk, the absurdity of the charges NABOO is that the decision on appointments is not made by the Minister Abromavicius, and the Cabinet, “so no illegal decisions can not be in principle”.

“All these suspicions have no Foundation, I provided all the evidence needed to refute the groundlessness of the charges. If these evidences were turned against me – then the job of lawyers. After studying lawyers, I will return to Ukraine”, – concluded the Executive Director of Naftogaz.

As reported the, detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine are unable to hand over the suspected interference in the work of the civil servant Pasichnik, because he is abroad.

Recall, February 9, Naftogaz of Pasechnika suspended from duty during the investigation.