Director of UEFA: Shakhtar vs Lyon will be held not exactly in Kharkov

Директор УЕФА: Матч Шахтер - Лион пройдет точно не в Харькове

Giorgio Marchetti

Marchetti also stated that a single game under their auspices will not be played in conditions of martial law.

The match of the 6th round of the group stage of the Champions League between Shakhtar Donetsk and French Lyon, initially scheduled on Wednesday 12 December in Kharkov will be moved to another city.

“No match under the auspices of UEFA will not take place where the martial law. The game between Shakhtar and Lyon will not be held in Kharkov, but we still have not solved, where will pass this duel”, – quotes the words of the Director of UEFA’s Giorgio Marchetti, the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Most likely, the match will be moved either to Lviv, where the Pitmen played from 2014 to 2016, either in Kiev, as in the case of Vorskla.

Recall that this is a crucial match in the race for the playoffs of the Champions League. The Pitmen will play in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League only in case of a victory over the French, and the rider well enough not to lose in this game. By the way, in the event of a tie, Shakhtar will go into the Europa League, while defeat can and does remain without the spring knockout phase.

Early Ultras Vorskla held a protest March against UEFA in Poltava.

Also, the President of Lyon, early said he’s not sure whether it will fly the team to Ukraine for the match.

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