Dirty air is more harmful cigarettes – the scientists

Грязный воздух вреднее сигарет – ученые

Dirty air is dangerous for health

In the world every year from air pollution to die 8.8 million, the mortality rate from Smoking is 7.2 million people.

According to recent studies, every year from air pollution in the world die of 8.8 million people, which exceeds the number of deaths caused by the effects of Smoking tobacco, according to the European Heart Journal.

For comparison: according to the world health organization, the mortality rate from tobacco Smoking is 7.2 million people a year.

Air pollution is the most serious risk factor and reduces the average life expectancy in Europe by more than two years.

Mainly, air pollution comes from burning fossil fuels. In this regard, researchers are encouraged to look for opportunities to transition to other energy sources.

Every sixth death in the world caused by pollution of environment

We will remind, earlier it was named the country with the dirtiest air.

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