Dirty work. The Deputy head of the national police summed up the results

Грязная работа. Замглавы Нацполиции подвел итоги

The Deputy head of the national police Alexander Fatsevich in No. 22(766) magazine Reporter summed up the two-year outcome of the “selfie cops”.

Two years ago in Ukraine there is a patrol police. The first officers, which were then called “selfie cops”, took to the streets of the capital and won the sympathy of Kiev, taking pictures with everyone and even letting the kids sit in a new Prius. Over time, the popularity began to decline, began a routine work: police attack, beat and even bite.

Noted police and in several scandals, the most notorious was questionable from the point of view of the legality of the shooting of a teenager in a BMW. And the amazing ability of cops to get into an accident became one of the main themes for jokes on new police.

No laughing matter, however, the inhabitants of large cities: with the advent of new police officers has fallen dramatically detection. And this is the main problem. Experts say from the “old” police patrol just do not know how to catch criminals in hot pursuit – not one year to work in a task force. On the other hand, politeness and tolerance of a new police removed a long-standing stress in dealing with the police: if the police called at the very least, today to call the police for any reason, without any internal shudder.

On the eve of the second anniversary of the office Correspondent talked to the Deputy head of the national police Alexander Fatsevich in 2015 he was the head of the patrol police of Kiev, and now oversees a patrol across the country.

– How do you assess the two years work of the patrol police?

– My personal rating is above average. In fact stops set in the patrol police, there are additional divisions of national and international importance, Department for combating crime, illicit trafficking of drugs. Every day people are detained every day someone rescued, and almost no failures. Although there are mistakes, but who are now working without them?

Frames enough? The head of the Metropolitan police Zozulya said that the shortfall of 20%.

– I would not say that it is a shortfall. We are talking about the fact that today the management team of middle managers in the divisions of patrol police is the patrol who started in Kiev. Yes, part of the patrol for some reason was fired or quit themselves. This percentage is not the highest. In addition, we have increased the number and it announced an additional set. So here are a few other reasons. This is normal practice. In the U.S., all talking about the fact that patrol police is a future state for all other units. This is what is done. Part of the patrol transferred to other units. Each patrol officer is the future leader of others. It’s happened before. And because of this shortage of 10-15% – always will be. Now we’ve even increased staff.

– And as the state increased?

– Somewhere in the 600 posts. The exact figure I will not tell you now. We also intend to increase the number of patrol officers on the streets of Kiev, that it was the foot patrols, which would react to street thefts and robberies. This applies to street crimes, their prevention and disclosure without delay. For now, the patrols loaded with calls, with appeals of citizens. Each patrol 18 calls per shift. That’s a lot. Therefore, we intend to increase the number of street patrols. That is why we need people.

– What salary are you offering them?

– The average salary in Ukraine – 8 thousand hryvnia. And in Kiev – 10 thousand hryvnia. But the load is greater. They work 12 hours. To do eight-hour shift can not yet, because then the patrols will have to increase. Yes, until they are hard, but they manage. Another is that the weekend additional classes, but we are working hard to ensure it was in working hours. Although each patrol must understand that in order to develop, it is necessary to learn something. Because of this, you need to sacrifice something, including, and a day off.

– And for what reasons mostly quit?

– There are various reasons. In particular, and for drunk driving or negligence. The facts are, and we do not hide. Not a single patrol officer, who sat behind the wheel drunk, and was fined, will remain in service. We all fired.

– Is there a patrol among the participants ATO? Not is post-traumatic syndromes?

ATO participants about 10% in Ukraine. More than 1000 police officers throughout Ukraine. If you take Kiev, about 200. You have to understand that patrol police is a young unit. ATO is 2014. Then at the end of the year and started the patrol police. So now not so much.

The participants of the ATO are post-traumatic syndromes. But those who work in the patrol and no. After all, when you receive the service are all tested, I had that. And I don’t, although I’ve seen too much. I was in Ilovaisk and debaltseve. I’m not telling anyone. Everyone understands where he’s going. And such problems have never arisen.

– Do you think this job is prestigious?

– This work is very complicated and messy. We have a lot of police officers with higher education graduates. They go to patrol, because in Kyiv as across Ukraine, there is a problem with employment. We want to create such conditions that they were not only selfie cops and joined the patrol. Again – the work is dirty. Here on the night of 21 June in Solomenskiy district was the pursuit of the offender and the police got in an accident. It is a risk to life, and not just a beautiful form, picture and selfies with passers-by. And kill them, shoot them, they bite. But of the patrol make good people.

– Many, by the way, I think that the work of the patrol and it’s like “Police Academy”.

– Yes, there are those who, after watching movies, come. But, when you realize that it is not, then leave. So I would advise those who are going to be a COP, before this study, what is this work. There are many videos on the Internet, telling about the difficulties they have to face.

– Though it is and was like in the “Police Academy”. In the beginning not a week goes by that the police did not get into a story, not to mention about a funny accident. As now, the way things are, with a fleet, how many bought new Priusov?

– 60-70% of accidents usually occur through no fault of the police. But sometimes that is the cause of fatigue patrol may encounter with a particular car. Or when making an accident slammed into them. But now compared to 2015-2016 years similar cases is much smaller as we have increased the number of hours of driving lessons. As for vehicles, we Park is not updated, because the economic situation in the country is that everything, including, and the national police are not yet able to buy new cars. We repair what is there. But the fleet – working, most cars now on the line.

– In February of 2016, there was a deadly pursuit of the BMW. Then there was a patrol Sergei Oleinik shot the passenger of the car 17-year-old Misha Medvedev. How do you evaluate Oleynik?

– Action of the police is legitimate. Olejnik was trying to stop a crime, because there could be other consequences. The police will always criticize, even if it acted lawfully.

– At what stage of the investigation?

– As far as I know, Oleynik will judge the jury. He is still under the personal obligation and working on administrative work and gets paid for it. Given that his actions were lawful, the task of the police to protect him. Not to throw out and to work. He will not be able to find a new job, being under the court. Where will he go?

– Very often there is information about the attack on the police in particular, and the girls-the cops. Maybe you should take some additional measures?

Yeah, they are attacked, beaten. Especially men love to beat women police officers. In order to avoid such cases, officers receive additional training. And must constantly deal with. The patrol must protect not only themselves, but also the partner. If they can’t protect themselves and their partner, then they have no place in the police. The morality of every citizen who can afford such, is one thing. But the police have to be ready for it. Although, that was two years ago and what is happening now – it is heaven and earth. Today’s uniforms are more experienced than the first.

– You often participate in law enforcement operations?

– I have a somewhat different task. Although the events I am constantly on the streets. It’s may 9 and the anniversary of the Maidan. But I was not involved in the arrest. Today I oversee the police, and do not take up the gun.

– Speaking of weapons. Earlier you spoke out against the legalization of weapons in Ukraine. Now your position has changed?

– No. There are several reasons. First, the learning disabilities citizens ‘ possession of weapons. Secondly, Ukraine is the law enforcement structure is not perfect. Yes, we are trying to improve, but this has not yet fully made. Thirdly, the question of health. Now you can go to buy any help. When is strict control over obtaining the documents for permit for possession of weapons, then maybe. But there is no single base. One thing – there is a sporting or hunting weapon. Take and execute, store in my safe at home. But don’t go with him on the streets. I have a premium gun, but I don’t go with him on the streets! I don’t go with security! Can go to the shooting range to shoot and then back in the safe. But it’s home!

– On the streets and then shoot. And if allowed, how are things?

– Yes will shoot ten times more! And then the police will be to blame!

– And the house is now where? Before I read you lived in the Dorm?

– From the month of may 2016 departmental live in the apartment, it is located near Kiev, in Cherry. Food usually go to 7:30, commute 45 minutes. If later, then 1.5 hours.

– There was information that your appointment as the head of the patrol police of Kiev, and then – Deputy head of national police of Ukraine connect with your friend, defender of the Donetsk airport, an officer of the 79th brigade, known as “the cyborg” with the Callsign “Marshal”. Is this true?

Is incorrect information – I was here! – laughs – With Evgeny Zhukov (head of the Department of patrol police of Ukraine – ed.) he’s a Marshal, we are familiar with 2003, studied together at the Institute. Now he is my subordinate. But I didn’t hire him and not recommended. The decision was the Minister of internal Affairs.

– And how the same crony connection?

Yeah, he’s my godfather, baptized my daughter. She is now 8 years old. But that does not prevent me to scold him and punish. Friendship-friendship, and service service. Yes, you see our Declaration. If there was some nepotism, then, perhaps, we’ve been enriched. Or went there to relax on the Maldives. My salary is about 50 thousand hryvnia per month. Our family this is more than enough. I used to get a lot less. If any attorney or employee of the SBU will have any claim to me, I am ready to tell all. About what they eat, how they live. I have nothing to fear!

Interviewed By Olga Buividovich


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