Discovered a new elementary particle

Обнаружена новая элементарная частица

Particle belongs to the class of charmonium

An international group of scientists has discovered a new state c-quark c and anti-quark particles 3(1D).

Representatives of the European organization for nuclear research announced the discovery of a new state c-quark c and anti-quark particles 3(1D). The results of the study were presented at the international meeting. This writes TASS.

“They had found a new elementary particle, belonging to the class of charmonium in accordance with the Standard model, particle describing the interaction of elementary particles, including charmed quarks and charmed anti-quarks”, – said the employee of the INP Paul Krokovny.

Until recently, scientists could not confirm the hypothesis of the existence of particles, but in the end the results it was done experimentally.

“The signal from the particles that we have seen, had a remarkable feature – it was very narrow, while for particles with a given mass of a typical width was supposed to be 10-20 times more,” – said the scientist.

He also noted that during the year a group of researchers tested whether the opening is wrong. Eventually, however, recognized the validity of the hypothesis.

Earlier it was reported that American scientists called the black hole of the “giant tangle of strings”.

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