Discovered artifacts that change the history of mankind

Обнаружены артефакты, меняющие историю человечества

Found artifacts that change the history of the development of modern man

The findings prove that the migration of the ancient people of Eurasia began much earlier than previously thought.

An international group of scientists found evidence that changes the history of mankind. It is reported

In Mongolia, archaeologists have found stone tools age about 45 thousand years. Of the several thousand artifacts 826 associated with ancient sites of people.

The guns were similar to those that were discovered in Siberia and in the North-West of China. Scientists say that it proves that large-scale resettlement of people in the region. And it happened about 10 thousand years earlier than previously thought.

Scientists believe that the instruments created modern humans, perhaps pastoralists, because Neanderthals did not possess similar technology.

It was previously detected traces of an unknown civilization. It was also reported that found the hidden part of the Earth’s age is four billion years old.

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