Discovered “wandering star” from another galaxy

Обнаружены "блуждающие звезды" из другой галактики

Scientists have discovered stars from other galaxies

Dozens of cosmic objects is able to overcome the pull of their galaxies and come to the milky Way.

Researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands found stars coming from other galaxies. It is reported by the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

From 20 stars discovered by scientists, presumably arrived in the milky Way from other galaxies. These conclusions are based on the analysis of telescope data Gaiaю. Experts examined data on about seven million stars, and found them among the fast moving objects.

The speed of some of them gives a 50% chance that they are able to overcome the gravity of the milky Way. But the data on 20 the stars indicate that they are of extragalactic origin, perhaps 80 percent.

“Wandering” stars are moving in different directions, both from the galactic disk and in the direction from the galaxy. The speed of the two fastest of which 700 kilometers per second.

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