Discussing the Belarusian coach in a t-shirt with Putin

В сети обсуждают белорусского тренера в футболке с Путиным

Belarusian coach caused a stir in the social network t-shirt with Putin

The social network has reminded me of when the head coach of the Russian football club Ahmad Oleh Kononov wore embroidered.

Head coach of the Russian football club Ahmad Oleh Kononov caused a sensation in the network, wearing a shirt with a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thus, the Ukrainian sports journalist Ivan Verbitskiy on his page on the social network Facebook remembered Kononov want to assign the title of Honorary citizen of Lviv, when he coached the Carpathians and wore embroidered shirts.

“Remember the banner with the Honorary citizen of Lviv? Publicly Oleg Georgievich thanked for it. In fact, he was angry at the fans because this is their “prank” with a Patriotic banner much spoiled his life in Belarus. Because of him, he even “failed” to go to Belarus for the wedding not the son, not to daughter. Not so much because he was threatened with real danger, but because corny SAG*al. As says the famous adage of separabilty brothers, it is better perebzdet than nedobzdet,” wrote Verbitsky.

The post caused a flurry of comments. Users of the social network noted that this is just one example, there is no need to hand out citizenship “left to right”. At the same time there were those who asked what’s best footballer Andriy Yarmolenko or Yevhen Konoplyanka.



We will remind, earlier it was reported that during the awarding ceremony at the European championship on the classic bench press in Finland powerlifter from Yakutia Paralympic Vladimir Balynets unbuttoned his jacket and showed the t-shirt with Putin.