Discussion about “bezveze” for Kiev began with criticism

Дискуссия о "безвизе" для Киева началась с критики

The speaker of the European Parliament was critical regarding migrant workers from Ukraine.

Today in the European Parliament held a debate on the Ukrainian question in the course of which the Rapporteur Mariya Gabriel, criticized regarding migrants from Ukraine, reports European truth.

During the meeting of the EP Committee, the Rapporteur had the right to declare the planned date of submission of the report (in particular, on the report on the mechanism for suspending the visa-free regime), but Gabriel did not predict the timing of their work.

The publication notes that Gabriel is not a staunch supporter of the idea of granting Ukraine a visa-free regime.

In particular, the MEP said about the threat of migration by citizens of Ukraine: “the Percentage of refusal of visas (for those who are traveling from Ukraine) are close to 2%, at the same time, we see many Ukrainian citizens that are illegally on the grounds live and work in the cities of the European Union. I ask the Commission to explain the reasons for this”.

The debate as opponents Rapporteur was joined by the representative of Poland, the MEP Michal Boni, stating the political importance of the abolition of the visa regime: “it is Very important to maintain a visa for Ukraine. It will be important for Ukrainian people, for the perception (of the EU) – we thus show that support further reforms.”

The EU approved mechanism for the termination of visa-free regime

Also on the political importance of the abolition of visas, said the representative of mission of Ukraine to the EU Love Nepop.

Any decisions the Committee on the Ukrainian question, the EP will not take as long as Rapporteur will present his report on the Ukrainian question.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a phone conversation with European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who assured that the consideration of “bezveze” will be accelerated.

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