Displays the Cabinet of the state-owned half of the public media of the country

Кабмин выводит из госсобственности половину коммунальных СМИ страны

The government announced the privatization of the media

The list includes 244 printed media and editorial offices.

The Cabinet its decision to approve the list of print media and editorial departments which are subject to privatization.

“The goal of the reform is to deprive the media of state influence and to make them interesting and informative” – on his page in Facebook reported the press Secretary of Prime Minister Dmitry Stolyarchuk.

According to him, this list includes 244 print media and editors who have expressed a desire to participate in the first stage of reforming of this sphere. More than half of public media in the country.

Stolyarchuk said that an obligation was taken by the authorities of Ukraine to the Council of Europe in 2005.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that the President Petro Poroshenko apologized to the Ukrainians for their reform.