Divers AFU conducted training exercises in the icy sea

Водолазы ВСУ провели учения в ледяном море

Military exercises in the Black sea

Divers of Naval forces of Ukraine conducted exercises in the cold sea. Underwater military practiced the skills of detection on the underwater parts of the hulls of ships.

In Odessa a diving specialists of Military-Naval forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted exercises. About it reports a press-service of naval forces of VSU.

“The water temperature is +9, air +10. This greatly constrained the ability of the divers and their movements. After a long time in cold water at a depth not survive. Depth does not forgive mistakes, we have to act confident. In this situation, divers should not only have the skills to perform different range of tasks under water, but to be able to assist the fellows in emergency situations”, – says the head of the search and rescue squad of the naval forces of Ukraine captain Ruslan Shevchenko.

Divers APU under water with almost zero visibility practiced the skills of detection of hulls of ships. At the same time, the divers practiced skills evacuation using inflatable platform.

As noted in the Department, in such an environment, first of all, a diver needs to calm the breath, quickly navigate and do not forget to report on the state of health and to pull the signal end. Thus, during diving of the checked means of underwater communication.

As reported, off the coast of Odessa passed doctrines of Ukraine and Turkey. Exercises involving three vehicles took place “against the background of annual naval exercises fleet of Turkey, “Blue homeland”.

Earlier it was reported that thousands of security forces held exercises for the elections. During the exercises special tactical actions, may encounter law enforcement officers during the election campaign and in day of voting.

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