Divorce the concepts. The attempts at unification in the Ukrainian policy

Развод в понятиях. Попытки объединения в украинской политике

Euroshare become a political factor

The closer elections are, the more calls to unite around one or another policy. That’s just the reality often is disengagement.

To join manage is that euroshare — and they effectively use it. Because they have a General idea. Sloppy, illegal, but common.

That’s exactly what unites all Ukrainian politicians, so that the methods of struggle for the votes of Ukrainians, says Valery Litvinski to No. 22 the Magazine Reporter.

Electoral populism will not go away. In 2018, the start of full-fledged election season coincided with the heating. In addition, superimposed another increase in gas prices for households and Teplokommunenergo. So the presidential candidates appeared chic occasion to take off his shirt on his chest.

In Krivoy Rog to turn on the heating, had the accompaniment of threats to light up the tires. To start the heating season in Smila (Cherkasy region) has given the go-ahead a Duo of Cabinet and the President himself. Yes, problems with the supply of heating are repeated from year to year in this almost 70-thousand district. But before nobody cared before. But not in the pre-election months.

President Petro Poroshenko has ordered the camera to “break the seal” and give gas to the Brave under his responsibility. Yulia Tymoshenko the next day arrived in town and went home, and then said that no seal is not broken, no heat, the President fooled everyone. Then came the stories about the “cold terror”, more familiar about the “tariff genocide” and the list goes on.

And the BPP did not climb his words — in problems with the heat in Smila accused Tymoshenko itself. Because the current mayor Brave Alex TIBCO, along with Tymoshenko and ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili broke through the border from Poland to 2017. This is what happens when mayors instead of “care about the people doing the politicking”, said the Chairman of the PPB faction in the Verkhovna Rada Arthur Gerasimov. Although in 2017 in bold had the same problems with the heat, but the mayor was not TIBCO, and Victor Fedorenko is Chairman of the local branch of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko. Dismissed it just because of problems with heating. However, by 2017 the city was freezing, and for the past six years there generally have four mayors changed. And the reason is the heating of the crisis typical of almost all Ukrainian cities, trying to bury the old debts of the local utility companies for deliveries in past years, the gas.


With heating by the end of November things came to normal, can not be said about other “battlefields”. Getting Thomas and the creation of a single Autocephalous Orthodox Church, the President boldly hoisted on his own campaign slogans — and rightly so. But certainty is drawn very slowly. Auction in the Church community continues, the plots, and such that domestic policies nervously smokes on the sidelines. Poroshenko has already met with the loyal representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate, who formally refused to participate in the Union. And recalled that the door of the one Church is always open for all.

Quite expectedly, the most painful question of unification was the election of who will lead it. To elect the head of the new Church to the unification Council. He can go in December. Here only a single candidate in primates is still missing. And in this Church community is surprisingly in tune with the community, local politicians.

The intrigue around the selection of the candidate for the post of head of the new Church is twisted steeper. Like the first in the list stood the name of the Primate of the UOC of the Kyiv Patriarchate Patriarch Philaret. Him and anathema was removed, and the unification Council will be present most of the delegates from the Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate, which he represents. But supposedly from the candidacy of Filaret not happy with himself the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Rumor has it that Constantinople would give the Primate some kind of honorary title, keep the title of Patriarch, but no real power to give. Allegedly for political reasons and due to the fact that Filaret for many years was in anathema. After all, for Constantinople granting of the Tomos Ukraine — not an end in itself but part of the struggle with the Russian branch for influence in the Orthodox world. Well, there is a possibility that the candidacy of Filaret scary vacillating representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate, who are willing to join. Although the last argument is the view that it is not so much the argument of how much manipulation and attack on the personality of Filaret as such.

Among the main candidates for the role of leader of the Ukrainian Church, now called Metropolitan Simeon of Vinnytsia — countryman of the President Poroshenko, they have longtime good relationship. Simeon in 2014 participated in the election of the Primate of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate and took third place. He is the only one of the 83 members of the Cathedral of the UOC MP, who refused to sign the decree on Eucharistic communion with Constantinople. Can also claim the role of the United Church a longtime supporter of autocephaly, the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Alexander drabinko and official successor of Filaret, Metropolitan Epiphanios. It is not excluded, and the appointment of someone from the Vikings — of the exarchs of Constantinople, who are now in Kiev, or other religious figures of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and reside abroad. They will look for a compromise figure.

By and large, power is more important than the speed of the process than the name. Because the road spoon for dinner. But the personal position of the new Primate will be dealt with later.


Shortly before the official start of the campaign he returned to politics Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Yeah, its longtime partner Poroshenko is squeezed out of the government. Yes, Yatsenyuk pinned responsibility for the devaluation and other horrors 2014-2015.

But the former Prime Minister did not consider that his play in the past, he hung billboards with its advertising, which recalls the merits of his Cabinet, actively claiming the achievements of which are rightly saluted the current President. Arseny Petrovich two months before the start of the official campaign for travels to meetings around the country, establishing contracts in the regions, forming a field team.

To run for President? Yatsenyuk, of course, reproached him a zero rating. And political strategists well remember his disastrous campaign in 2009-2010. But for the preservation of the positions in Parliament, and hence in the configuration of the power the former Prime Minister is quite ready to compete. For the sake of it the current campaign started.

The more that it has problems not only with the loyalty of grassroots organizations, but also with key partners. Andriy Parubiy and Oleksandr Turchynov are increasingly focused on the President. Arsen Avakov flirts with Tymoshenko. Yatsenyuk now need to prove that it is written off from the accounts prematurely. And the resources of the party serious: seven seats in the Cabinet, including the interior Ministry (but not exactly — there should be a smile), 81 deputies in the Verkhovna Rada, cells by country — fourth the scale of the field network. Give up early.

Развод в понятиях. Попытки объединения в украинской политике

Posters hang Yatsenyuk throughout the country

Poroshenko, of course, do not like. Because of the support before the election people’s front and Yatsenyuk will definitely ask for something in return. The stronger and the whole force will be to the point, the more you will be able to achieve.


But Poroshenko will have to deal with those whom he replaced Yatsenyuk. The President believes that appointment to the post of Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman entirely due to him. Groisman wants to be independent and stressed stays away from the presidential election campaign. Anyway, he carefully and skillfully builds a reputation as a technocrat is a very solid currency, even in Ukrainian politics.

Besides, excessive independence Prime Minister has vaccination — the criminal case against his colleague, former head of the State fiscal service of Miroslav Sold. Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office prepared Prodan suspicion of illicit enrichment. We are talking about the sum of nearly 90 million UAH, which the former taxman was allegedly bought luxury real estate in Kiev and Turkey, as well as Executive cars. Sold denies all charges, but had previously traveled abroad, says that in Germany for treatment.

Law enforcement officers argue that it’s not all claims to the former head of the Fiscal service. Groisman silent, although earlier it was stated that Sold will lead the SFS, while he leads the government. Together they Vinnytsia times, and the Prime Minister were trying to bring the companion from the blow, dismissing even on their own. The charges against the Sold — indirect threat to the reputation of the Prime Minister, he also for him personally vouched. But with this challenge Groisman right — we remember what and how he spoke in the meetings of the Cabinet about the scandals with the corruption in various departments.

While Poroshenko tries to concentrate around him all the representatives of the authorities and convince them to work together for his victory, Tymoshenko is urging colleagues in the conventional camp of the democratic opposition to unite. She is ready to cooperate with Andriy Sadovyi, Anatoly Gritsenko and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. That’s just it, no one publicly is not ready to cooperate. Except that the singer Anastasia Prikhodko, who believes that Tymoshenko has money due to the fact that just “she’s a very clever”, but for the business it is not. And where Julia soon finds these characters?


In contrast, ofdemocratic representatives of the former Party of regions have always been able to unite. And now former regions discussed the creation of a valid Union of a powerful Russia-oriented political forces. We already wrote that the negotiations on the establishment of the triple Alliance was between the group of the richest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov, the group detained in Austria Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, and the party For freedom, which was represented by its leader Vadim Rabinovich, together joined by the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin — Victor Medvedchuk.

So, these negotiations failed. A single political power and a single candidate from this camp for 120 days before the presidential election — no. For life has teamed up with a group of Firtash in a single platform, the presidential candidate nominated Yuri Boyko, former energy Minister Viktor Yanukovych times.

Akhmetov’s group to support this Alliance did not. The control of the party Opposition bloc and its brand has kept Akhmetov, but Boyko and Firtash’s main partner — the head of presidential administration Yanukovych Sergey Levochkin excluded from political power. There is no doubt that following them will take part of the faction of the opposition bloc in the Parliament, which is focused just on the Firtash — Lyovochkin. Akhmetov is unlikely to look for their own presidential candidate — they are preparing for parliamentary elections.

In the same field — in Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine — now in addition to smartly seek the voices of Eugene Moore, with his project Our and party Revival, Our land, well, and some of the possible candidates from Akhmetov, if this group someone will go to the March elections.

The richest Ukrainian will surely support, in addition to the remainder of the opposition bloc, the former Governor of the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta Basis and the Radical party of Oleh Liashko.

And Poroshenko, meanwhile, has grown the chances of reaching the second round.

But this is inaccurate, because the Pro-Russian camp of Ukrainian politics, there are General managers who can persuade him to get back to the negotiating table to nominate a single candidate.


On the opposite wing of Ukrainian politics — nationalist — also continue the process of unification. There are also trying to name a single candidate, but until the process is sluggish. The Freedom party, the Right sector, the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists, the movement of C14 and the Congress of Ukrainian nationalists supported this role of the representative of Freedom of Ruslan Koshulynskyi. It was opposed by the national body, whose leader, Andriy Biletsky is clearly more recognizable and rating policies than newly single candidate.

The nomination Koshulynskyi really looks strange, like an attempt to consistently merge the possibilities. The leader of the Freedom Oleg Tyagnibok doesn’t want to run, not to show a low rating before the parliamentary elections, that have found such “obywatele rooms” in the face Koshulynskyi, who is now Deputy of the Lviv regional Council, and in the previous convocation of the Verkhovna Rada was Vice-speaker. Voters are ready to vote for the right ideas in Ukraine, not so much, but even in this field is unlikely to be a single candidate.


But while everyone is thinking about unions and engaged in propaganda, social scientists in the second place the President’s approval rating put someone who does not campaign and is not a politician. According to some opinion polls, comedian Vladimir Zelensky can qualify to the second round of elections if you’re going to run. Of course, you believe the opinion polls — not to respect themselves. And the artist receives signals that he is quite able to get involved in the political game. However, while he never answered his own question: “So you “Yes” or “no”?”

The problem of the candidate-the comic that when the history of the “for fun” it will become a real candidate for the presidency, it will immediately experience a lot of questions to which the answers yet. We don’t know the political principles Zelensky, Russia’s foreign policy, his team. And to compare it with former actor Ronald Reagan is to ignore the existence of the long political career over acting.


So I then drew new strength. It argued that the movement “eurobserv” are companies that are engaged in the importation of bonded cars, and, in fact, the owners of the “EuroBLECH”. It would seem that the Verkhovna Rada has adopted a law or two, dozens of times by reducing the excise duty on customs clearance of cars and even setting a grace period. But “euroshare”, feeling their strength, achieve greater concessions and customs clearance for a couple hundred euros. For example, they demand to abolish the age coefficient in the calculation of the excise tax to cheap and legal to import in the country of all sorts of junk from Europe.

The authorities are unlikely to do this, but “euroshare” demanding concessions, blocked traffic in many regions, including in the government quarter of the capital. In good, of course, you need to sign Rada adopted the law, and finally to wait for the reaction of law enforcement officers on illegal actions “eurobserv”.

Because while law enforcement officers simply withdrew from performing its functions in relation to the owners of cars on foreign registration, arranged a traffic Armageddon and resorting to blackmail society in General. If the authorities do not want to finally and firmly address the issue of “euroshare” because of the approaching elections and fears of losing about half a million votes, they better remember that without solving this problem, they lose even more votes. Moreover, thereby leading now in Parliament BPP helps competitors to raise political force with independent tasks and obvious allies.

Развод в понятиях. Попытки объединения в украинской политике

Protests eurobserv

The appearance on the political scene quasiradical new initiative “eurobserv” informed sources is not a tape recorder associated with the security forces. Supposedly their patronage has allowed this phenomenon to grow to national size and become a political factor.


Shortly before the elections have audited the loyal population of voters. And Minister of social policy Andrei Reva voiced the main idea, which in human language translates like this: to feed pensioners and other dependents at the expense of the middle class. Reva said that the incomes of working Ukrainians abroad are required to declare to take them into account in providing subsidies for housing and communal services. Now those who receive income from abroad, as a rule, they do not declare when applying for the subsidy, says Minister. As a result, the subsidy is assigned in a larger size than it would be if they honestly declared their income.

It is clear that these intentions real intentions may not be exhausted. Given that by the end of 2018, the only official translations in Ukraine is expected to be $13 billion, we are talking about preparations for their taxation. And if over income “guest workers” can still gain the agreement of Ukraine about avoidance of double taxation from the obligation to pay a single social contribution (single social contribution), they will be able to save unless care full nesoznanku.

And after about ERU — Cabinet earnestly discussing the question of the return of the practice of taxation all the high wage tax. What can I say, thus the middle class show the door. Where he seems to still went. And retirees for whom intended this fiscal festival even think twice to vote for Pro-government candidate. Traditionally they were “for Julia”. But who is ready to remember?