Djokovic: we are treated like animals in a cage

Джокович: С нами обращаются, как с животными в клетке

Novak Djokovic

Serbian tennis player expressed dissatisfaction with the rules of the tournament matches in the heat.

Six-time Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic complained about the harsh conditions of the matches at high temperatures. According to the tennis player, the organizers of little interest to the well-being of athletes, and especially ticket sales and profits.

“This is getting dangerous for health. There is a limit, but apparently, our health, nobody cares. First important sale of tickets, profit, television and only then – the players themselves. In a sense, we are treated like animals in a cage.

I’m afraid to sound ungrateful, it’s not, I am grateful for the life that gave me tennis. Nevertheless, I have the right to Express their position. If you consider that the players provide the interest to this event, our opinion should be valued higher. After all, without us tournaments do not earn money. The rules of the matches in extreme heat need to be revised. But it only proves the thesis that the players have enough influence” – quoted Djokovic SportKlub.

Earlier it was reported that Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova also complained about the heat during a match of the Australian Open.

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