Dmitry Pidruchny: In the sprint in Ridnaun, it will be difficult all

Дмитрий Пидручный: На спринте в Риднау трудно будет всем

Dmitry Pidruchny commented on the coming race in Ridnaun.

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny spoke about the difficulty of the course in January and was ready to sprint in the championship of Europe on biathlon.

“In ridnaun were still in juniors or youth, somewhere in 2010-m to year. I think the route has not changed since then. Although I’m not very good and remember. In Antholz more flat track, and here the long protracted climbs, and at the end of the junkies. The approach to the shooting range is also complicated. All will be difficult tomorrow. The main thing to handle on the line. On tactics haven’t thought of yet. It is necessary to disassemble the track in the head and then have to think how to distribute the forces. After Antholz always a bit difficult, muscle fatigue and feel fine”, – quotes Pidruchna the biathlon Federation of Ukraine.

Informed about the complexities of the track in Ridnaun said Sergey Semenov.

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