Dmitry Strizhov: sport is not a hindrance to business

Дмитрий Стрижов: спорт бизнесу не помеха

The IRONMAN world championship in 2018 for the first time in its history, was attended by representative of Ukraine in the Executive Challenge.

PartIin this category, not enough to be sporty, you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Ukrainian participant was Dmitry Strizhov – Director-General of security holding Sheriff, Vice-President of the pankration Federation of Ukraine. Dmitry agreed to tell our readers why sports development is not only about sport, and how it was influenced by a passion for triathlon.

To begin with, what is an IRONMAN. This is a very extreme competition in triathlon, where the athlete must swim 3.8 km in open water to overcome 180 km on the bike and then to run 42 km marathon. Thus, to be counted, you need to invest in the time limit of 17 hours.

Sounds like a difficult task. As far as I know, sport has not always been in Your life. What started my passion for triathlon?

10 years ago I was busy surviving and making money – the sport, after youthful passions, have not been considered. In the end, 30 years of age, with a mark of 102.3 kg on the scales it made me understand that it’s time to change something that it is not enough to feel fulfilled. In 2008 my wife and I just had our first child and I wanted him and all of my next children would be proud of me. Then in my life appeared a variety of types of workouts – from yoga to workout.

In 2013 I ran a half marathon and mastered swimming technique, with whom it was possible to qualify for participation in the competition. In 2014 the first time I rode a road bike, the likes of which have previously watched unless in competitions on TV.

And now in 2014 he formed goal is in 2016 to finish full-distance IRONMAN. And it was achieved.

And You continued to develop the subject of goals in IRONMAN?

Yes. In 2017, the goal became getting into the GOLD category – the top 1% of triathletes-Amateurs in the age group 35-39 in the IRONMAN series. But 15 minutes that we had to be faster than the sum of the three best races, I separated from her.

In 2018 not met in 2017, the goal is not evoked emotions similar to the previous year. So I was looking for a goal, the thought of which will motivate you to overcome yourself, to go to training, regardless of the weather, my laziness and the presence of “1000 excuses” to become more “iron”! This goal for me was the part in the world Championship IRONMAN.

But this is the level of Olympic games in the world of triathlon. It’s not too early to lay claim to such a scale after 2 years of participation in competitions?

I realized that triathlon I’ve dedicated an insufficient amount of training hours, and to reach the required level will need at least five years of system training work, because every year is to qualify for the “big island” is becoming increasingly difficult. But you know what? I was able to achieve this goal for the year.

And it did not affect the course?

During the Championship because of the ocean currents on the swimming stage, I lagged behind the scheduled plan for the race in 10 minutes. Training in the pool, unfortunately, do not give all the skills needed for open water.

On led had problems with eating from one of these feeds, which “went”. On 28-m kilometre of power over, but, thanks to the moral support of family, coach, friends and acquaintances, who stayed up all night, watching my performance on the tracker, I continued to run.

If not the food, then I guess they could claim a place in the top three, but we’ll never know. Although, of course, I was a bit annoyed because of this, took 7 th place. But to say that I was not ready, I can’t. I still have something to strive for, but due to this vast experience, I know that I can do better and what I should improve.

Training takes a lot of time, and under Your leadership as a business. Once said a passion for the sport to work?

In the process I realized that the passion for training has given me a new value: in business, in the environment of the house. I haven’t lost the time spent in training – they have increased my efficiency, speed of thought, self-discipline and learn to appreciate time, especially spent with family. And if, after the first gym I was dizzy from fatigue, the increase of the training volume I have found reserves of energy I never had before.

In 2016 the first time I took part in IRONMAN. And in 2016 the “Sheriff” got the title of best private security company from the Ukrainian national prize. This is the third year we confirm our status of the annual victory.

If you like sport and impact on the work, only in a positive way.

Additionally, the Executive Challenge all business or high-end positions in companies . Competing, you can be shoulder to shoulder with the executives of Uber, Amazon, DragonCapitals, and in this Championship, even with the Prince of Bahrain. And none of them complains.

Дмитрий Стрижов: спорт бизнесу не помеха



By the way, about the participants category. Somehow communication happens between them or each by itself?

Of course. In the course of competition, everyone is fighting first and foremost with yourself and then with others. Participants support each other, because everyone understands which way you need to overcome to be there. The winners of the IRONMAN traditionally, after overcoming the finish line, greeted by her the rest of the athletes, supporting in the most difficult last steps.

Sport not only helps to improve your performance in other activities. It expands the range of communication, provides new topics and may lead to new business deals.

Besides, if a person can allocate their time so as to have time to prepare for the IRONMAN and successfully participate and be productive in their professional activities, so he should deal with. Most likely, he always keeps high standards.

And finally, Your parting words to those who are still thinking over the need of sports in your life?

My parting words – try. Just try systematically to do for at least several months, and you will understand what resources themselves deprived.