Dnipro striker accused the club of falsifying the contract

Форвард Днепра обвинил клуб в подделке контракта

The player cannot be claimed for his new club.

Forward of BC Dnipro Vladimir Shevchenko told about the situation that happened around his career.

“The attention of the basketball community! I want to appeal to you with a situation that in principle should not happen in a civilized world. A graduate of the Dnieper, last year I signed a one-year contract with his home team.

At the expiration of the term of the contract, I decided to try their hand abroad, and signed a contract with the Lithuanian club Nevezis.

Imagine my surprise when, in response to a request for an absentee letter from the Dnieper came a fake contract, under which I have another year to stay in the former command! The club didn’t notify me that there was a contract, and I must arrive at the location of the team.

The Commission asked the state to consider my precarious situation after 4 days the start of the championship of Lithuania, but in connection with this problem I can’t be claimed for the match,” wrote Shevchenko on his page on Facebook.

Recall that in the new season for BC Dnipro will play the best center in the super League – Alexander Kushnirov.

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