Dnipro took the lead in the semifinal series against Kremenchuka

Днепр вышел вперед в полуфинальной серии против Кременчука

Won the puck, Ruslan Romashchenko.

In Kremenchug were held the first match of the semifinal series of playoffs of the championship of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match in which HC Kremenchuk took the Dnieper. Earlier Kherson in two matches beat the Ice wolves, and passed to the next round of the playoffs.

Already in the third minute of the meeting the guests came forward: Kirill Bondarenko picked up the puck after losing by Ivan Dunayev of touch, and with awkward hands sent a game shell in a far corner of the goal over the shoulder of George Bojarshinova.

The advantage Kherson doubled at the end of the second period. Alex Cheremnov passed the ball exactly on the stick of Ruslan Romashchenko, who scored his first goal in the drawings the playoffs UHL.

In the 46th minute pressure of “citizens” gave the result – Ivan Savchenko was caught off guard by Oleg Petrov and to reduce the gap to a single goal.

Mere seconds before the end of the game Alexander Sawicki has released the sixth field player, but instead to recoup, Kremenchuk missed Ivan Dunaev robbed defender, and his zone sent the puck exactly into the net.

Thus Dnipro went ahead in the semifinal series, which will last up to four victories of one of commands. Following the match the teams will play March 13 in Kremenchug, will start at 18:30.

Kremenchuk Dnipro 1:3 (0:1; 0:1; 1:1)

Washer: 0:1 Bondarenko (Danube), 02:41. 0:2 Romashchenko (Cheremnov, Makarichi), 36:12. 1:2 Savchenko (Crow, Gritsenko), 45:27. 1:3 Dunaev – empty net.

Kremenchuk: Boyarshinov; Bbw – Gritskikh, Gorlushko – Krispenz Shpak Combat, Savitsky – Varivoda; Kiselev, Krivoshapkin (A) Zaitsev, Tutchenko (A) – Szymanski – The Crow, Savchenko – Krasilnikov – Nintendo, Efimochkin – Furs – Gritsenko (K).

Dnepr: Petrov; Belousov (A) – Sulechow, Pugachev Matvienko, Dekalo – Sirchenko, Budko – Matusevich; Zolotukhin – Kovalenko – Gwatkin (K), Bondarenko – The Danube – Janiszewski, Cheremnov – Romashchenko (A) – Makarichi, Timchenko – Calogeroa – Tongue.

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