Dniproazot resumes

ДнепрАзот возобновляет работу

DneprAzot idle and June

The plant experienced a severe overhaul, falling prices for manufactured products and downtime.

The company Dniproazot announced the restoration of the shops of the nitrogen group. This is stated on the website of the company on Monday, 5 November.

As reported by General Director Sergey Sidorov, “DneprAzot experienced a severe overhaul, the inability to run the plant because of the sharp increase in gas prices, falling prices for manufactured products, as a result, the downtime and the associated difficulties”.

“Despite all the obstacles, unstable financial situation and other economic difficulties, we conducted a number of programs through which the company JSC Dniproazot out of forced outage and resumes nitrogen group workshops,” – said Sidorov.

We will remind, on June 15, 2018 DneprAzot went on a long easy. This jeopardized the provision of Ukrainians with drinking water, because DneprAzot – the main producer of chlorine for disinfection of drinking water in Ukraine.

In July, the situation was stabilized – was launched chlorine group workshops. Dniproazot has shipped the first batch of chlorine on July 25.

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