Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 2019 adopted budget

Днепропетровская область – бюджет 2019 принят

Now at last the this year XV session of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council deputies voted for the budget.

The next year the number of funds for the development of Dnipropetrovsk region grew by almost a billion hryvnia! Thus, the development budget at the beginning of the year amounted to UAH 3.1 bn. The total budget amounted to 18, 3 billion hryvnia.

For the FIRST time! In Dnipropetrovsk region established a staff sports team sports reserve in Dnipropetrovsk region. For 40 people allocated 2400000 UAH. “Thus, we strive to maintain a professional athletes and coaches that they would not have gone abroad and not immigrated to other cities. And represented the sports honor of the Dnipropetrovsk region”, – said the head of regional Council Gleb Prygunov.

Днепропетровская область – бюджет 2019 принят



Next year funding will be provided medical care for internally displaced persons – 21600000 UAH. And one of the most important issues – the monthly allowance to soldiers of the volunteers living in rural areas – 433 200 UAH.

“When we decided to recognize volunteers at the regional level, everyone had the same question – what will have the most volunteers? As I promised, it’s not just some ghostly status and identity. Now we finally got the first results, namely, the financial support already recognised by us volunteers “, – noted the Chairman of Dnipropetrovs’k regional Council Gleb Prygunov.

Днепропетровская область – бюджет 2019 принят



In addition, means of the regional budget in 2019 will be spent on new construction and renovation. Today in the field of 41 school support. Of these, 20 schools rekonstruiruet. 6 reconstructed and put into operation: in Salt, Petrikovka, Magdalinovka, Yuryevka, Boundary, Svatovaclavska. 4 kindergartens are built with modern designs in Obukhivka, Pidhorodne, the Dnieper, Slobozhansky. 5 gardens – in the process of construction: in Kamenskoye, Cover, Illarionova, the Dnieper, the Old Kodak. Already opened 7 schools of robotics. 2 more will open in 2019.

Днепропетровская область – бюджет 2019 принят



Planned large-scale reconstruction of the Park. Shevchenko to p. Dnieper. Budget – 100 000 000 UAH.

Included funding the construction of swimming pools in the cities of Krivoy Rog and the Dnieper, the sports complex “Prometheus”, p. Kamenskoye. In all, 20 sports facilities.

In the field of social protection. The new budget 2019 includes social assistance to poor layers of the population – 1 000 UAH 1500: monthly stipend to the families of dead soldiers – 8800000 UAH, financial support of public organizations of invalids and veterans – UAH 6800000, health care of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster – UAH 1700000, scholarships to citizens who turn 100 years or more – UAH 1200000, compensation payments to disabled people for petrol and transport services – UAH 1100000.

One of the most important issues of development of the region – repairing roads! It in the regional budget laid 1344000000 UAH.