Dni’s office is putting the U.S. and the CIA differed in assessing cybertek during elections – Reuters

Нацразведка США и ЦРУ разошлись в оценке кибертак во время выборов, - Reuters

Donald Trump

In the office of the Director of national intelligence did not support the conclusions of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), which assumes that Donald trump won the presidential election in the United States thanks to the help of Russia, which was accused of organizing cyber attacks on the websites of the Democratic party.

This was reported by Reuters, citing three knowledgeable source.

It is noted that Macrosuede believe that the CIA is no convincing evidence that it was thanks to the efforts of Moscow’s trump gained an advantage over his opponent from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Also, it is reported that trump could turn to his advantage the position of N. I. in the dispute with the CIA.

Recall, the CIA was established by persons allegedly associated with the Russian authorities, who gave WikiLeaks the emails hacked from the servers of the Democratic party, including letters to the Chairman of the headquarters, Hillary Clinton, John Podestà.

Trump called ridiculous CIA report on the election, and Democrats humiliated in defeat. He said that the version about “Russian trace” in the election, pushing the Democrats.

News on topic: Information on the influence of the Russian Federation on elections in the United States are already interested in the electoral College.