DNR rejected the plan of Kyiv for the reintegration of Donbass

ДНР отвергла план Киева по реинтеграции Донбасса

The separatists said that the Ukrainian authorities need to officially withdraw from the Minsk-2 to discuss new forms of settlement.

The DNR rejected a new plan of Kyiv for the reintegration of Donbass, stating that only consider the Minsk agreement as a possible means of resolving the situation, reports RT.

Recently the media published the plan of Kyiv for the reintegration of Donbass, according to which instead of ATO in front-line areas of the region and introduced martial law. There are a variety of “benefits and privileges” for residents DND and LNR.

“This is not an option. It is not correlated with complex measures, envisaged by the Minsk agreements,” – said the Ambassador of the separatists in Minsk Denis Putilin.

However, the representative LNR Vladislav Danego said that Kyiv must officially withdraw from the implementation of the Minsk agreements in order to move on to a discussion of other forms of settlement.

“One of the points of the Minsk agreements says very specifically on the establishment of the banking system in the interests of ensuring the payment of pensions, payment of utility services, including with use of international mechanisms of cashless payments”, – he said.

According to him, “Ukraine is completely sabotages this moment, and here they talk about some additional mechanism in terms of pensions, the interaction with the territories and so forth.”

“This cannot be achieved without performing said rule,” – said the representative of the separatists.

The LC also said that Ukraine is still undecided with only one opportunity to discuss the special status of Donbas.

“There (in the Minsk agreements – ed.) clearly stated that Ukraine needs to do. She either needs to do what is signed, either abandon their commitments. Then we will look for other options,” said the Dane.

Recall, 14 June, President Petro Poroshenko said that at his direction a plan was developed reintegration of Donbass.