Dobkin declared Arsenal of weapons

Добкин задекларировал арсенал оружия

Dobkin owns an Arsenal of weapons

The politician has declared 8 rifles, 10 carbines, hunting knives and another subject, identified as “Weapons”.

The MP from the opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin declared in 2015 12 million, 470 thousand dollars, 30 thousand euros in cash, and his wife $ 500 thousand and 550 thousand euros.

The politician also declared an Arsenal of weapons: 8 shotguns, 10 rifles, hunting knives and another subject, identified as “Weapons”.


In addition, Dobkin declared land 16823 meter in Kharkiv to mark a Different type of ownership, two houses and 1136,9 to 127.6 square meters in Kharkiv and wine cellar 195,4 square meter.

In its property there is an apartment in Kharkov of 44.4 square meters.

His wife, Alla, you specify the Kiev apartments of 79 sq. m. and 78,2 sq. m, plot 16823 sq. m. dwelling house 1136,9 sq. m. dwelling house to 127.6 sqm and a wine cellar 195,4 sq. m.

She also rents two plots of land and 34000 28500 square meters, respectively.

Dobkin declared: 9 valuable watches among which Rolex, Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre, 8 antique items (including figurines), 12 icons, Golf clubs, 13 books, 11 jewelry, Hermes bag, two coats, two sets of furniture, a lamp for the transportation of the Holy fire, 3 sets of dishes, vases 7, 5 candlesticks, 15 paintings, the collection of red and white wines, brandies, whiskies, etc., (1780од) and safe.

Dobkin, according to the Declaration 3 car: Toyota (2007), Toyota (2012), Toyota (2013) and trailer. He also has water means Silver Hawk 520 and Bass Prote 520. His wife’s Volkswagen Multivan (2012), Porsche 911 Turbo (2011), two watercrafts and a trailer.

Dobkin’s wife also owns 90 per cent of the total capital in the tertiary cooperative “of Housing cooperative Triumph that is 2873663 UAH. It owns 33% of the total capital service cooperative a “Dacha cooperative “Heather”.

Dobkin declared 61594 UAH wages, 80559 UAH of compensations for the work, 167900 compensation cost of hiring a hotel room, 76280 UAH – scholarship Honorary citizen of the city of Kharkov, 3433911 UAH – credit in “PrivatBank” and 10 million that he borrowed from Mark Dobkin.

At the same time his brother, the opposition bloc the people’s Deputy Dmitry Dobkin, in his Declaration also indicated that he borrowed it from Mark Dobkin 10 million.

In a Bank safe Deposit box cash Dobkin holds 12 million UAH 470 thousand dollars., 30 thousand euros. Another 100 thousand dollars he holds in the form of precious metals. His wife keeps in a Bank drawer of $ 500 thousand and 550 thousand euros.

States that in 2015 Dobkin have paid on the loan in PrivatBank 093 390 4 52 564 USD.

Another MP from the opposition bloc, Vadim Novinsky, declared the land in Russia, and portfolio.

And the wife of the leader of the opposition bloc owns an apartment in Russia.

Also note, a millionaire on the Forbes list commented on e-Declaration, writing: we are all Fuckers.