Dobkin detained for two months

Добкин арестован на два месяца

Mikhail Dobkin

The amount of collateral to Dobkin appointed 50 million.

Pechersk district court of Kyiv ruled to detain for two months the people’s Deputy from the faction of the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin and set bail at 50 million.

During the trial, the MP Vadim Novinsky said that Dobkin will make a pledge to “he never for a moment held in places of detention.” He also said that all 42 members of the faction Opposition bloc is ready to take Dobkin on bail.

The prosecution requested arrest or Dobkin to set the Deposit is not less than 150 million.

1Напомнм, 13 July, Parliament lifted the immunity Dobkin and allowed his detention and arrest. On 14 July the Deputy gave the suspect under article 364 – abuse of official position under article 190 fraud.