Dobrobatov on the best there is – the headquarters EP

Добробатов на передовой нет - штаб ООС

At the headquarters of environmental protection did not comment on the statement Yarosh on the withdrawal of the battalions of Donbass

All former volunteers continue to participate in operations in the Donbass in the armed forces of Ukraine or other military formations, say in OOS.

Volunteers do not take part in Operations of joint forces in the Donbas. This was stated in the press center of staff of CEO, commenting on the statement of the commander of the Ukrainian volunteer army of Dmitry Yarosh about the withdrawal of the battalions of the UDA from the front.

“Today, all former volunteers who continue to participate in the defense of our territory, do it in the Armed forces of Ukraine or other military formations. A separate volunteer battalions at the forefront, no,” – informed the Agency Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday, 16 October, head of the press center of the headquarters of OOS Vyacheslav Petrovsky.

As reported, Yarosh said that the 5 and 8 battalions of UDA come with best to start the training of the units of territorial defense in all regions of Ukraine.

Previously Yarosh, and the commander of the United forces Sergey Nev discussed the issue of participation of fighters of UDA in the Armed forces of Ukraine at the conclusion of the contract.


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