Dobrodomov on recent appointments of heads of administrations: It’s a small manipulation

Добродомов о последних назначениях глав администраций: Это маленькая манипуляция

The appointment of heads of district and regional administrations before the entry into force of the law on civil service evidence of manipulation on the part of the authorities. This broadcast of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP Dmytro Dobrodomov.

According to him, the former head of the Luhansk region Georgy Tuka demonstrated effective work.

“I think it will be a relief for this heavy part of the territory of Ukraine. Not fully aware of the situation, why it happened, and I don’t know the reasoning. But I fully believed that this man in his place. And the result was definitely positive,” said Dobrodomov.

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The relatively new head of the region Yury Garbuz, the MP was very positive, noting that it is one of the constructive choices of the Pro-presidential faction in Parliament.

“I have worked with Mr. Garbuz in one Committee, to treat him well. He’s one of the few members of the PPB, which is constructive. I hope he will be able to continue the work of predecessor,” he said.

Dobrodomov also criticized the appointments power, which took place before the entry into force of the law on civil service.

“About these new appointments, I think it’s such a small manipulation by the authorities. Vstuplenia, not waiting into force of the law on civil service, quick set up comfortable for banked people,” he said.

“I hope this is the last permutation, and next month we’re finally going to appoint for open tenders. Although the Parliament has the initiative to delay the law for almost two years. It will be a step back, I hope that the Parliament will not support this opinion,” said Dobrodomov.

We will remind, on may 1 will enter into force the law on civil service. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said about the need for revision of the law on public service.

As reported, the Cabinet has appointed the head of Lugansk VGA Heorhii Tuka Deputy Minister for the occupied territories.