Doctors clinic Acıbadem performed a unique operation on the cross-transplantation

Врачи клиники Acıbadem провели уникальную операцию по перекрестной трансплантации

For patients from Ukraine and Turkey cross-transplantation was the only chance for salvation. Doctors clinic Acıbadem coped with the task!

No one knows what can give life. Cherish it begins when you stand on the edge of a precipice. The first unpleasant symptoms at 39-the summer inhabitant of Lviv Mykola Pavlov appeared after the holiday at the seaside. Suddenly yellowed whites of the eyes and skin led to doctors who began to treat hepatitis C.

Diet, endless drip, cleansing the liver procedures have not yielded positive results. Not helped by the treatment provided in the current Ukraine free program for the treatment of hepatitis C. did not give a survey in Italy where desperate went Nicholas, where doctors confirmed the diagnosis and continued to treat according to the same procedure.

The disease also progressed – started swelling, the family and the patient sought a way out of the situation. The diagnosis which was put by the specialists of the Kiev Institute of surgery and Transplantology named after Shalimov, sounded like a sentence: cirrhosis of the liver, to live there a few months, can save emergency transplant.

However, the transplant was difficult. In Ukraine are allowed only transplant related, none of the relatives of Nicholas the donor could not be – did not fit the blood type. Seemed, way out there, we can only accept and wait for imminent death. It was possible to hope only for a miracle. And it happened.

Врачи клиники Acıbadem провели уникальную операцию по перекрестной трансплантации



If you say that miracles do not happen, do not believe!

Made by specialists of the Turkish hospital Acibadem cross-transplantation not only saved the lives of two people, but also proved the professionalism of doctors.

All in good time. Treatment in Ukraine has not helped, the chances of recovery are diminished. The last hope was the Istanbul hospital where Nicholas is sent from the Lviv hospital – money collected from friends and relatives.

Swollen feet, a huge weight, weakness. Body is tired to resist, donor needed urgently. Examined relatives, was that aunt of Nicholas the liver suitable for transplant. But doctors are not satisfied with the state of her health, refused to conduct her fence liver.

What must have gone through at that moment Nicholas and wife Larisa is difficult to pass. Even the flight from a foreign country to the home of the patient could not survive. But a miracle happened – the doctors clinic Acibadem proposed to make cross-transplantation.

Liver Suleiman Onal suffered after the accident, he no less needed the donor. But because of an incompatibility between his blood relatives could not help.

Data recipients and potential donors to conduct the necessary research put into the base and the puzzle came together – Paul’s wife Larisa could save the life of Suleiman and his son Izzet came to Nicholas.

Each other donors met the day before the operation. Immediately there was a mutual trust, an overwhelming desire to help.

On the operating table, 4 patients fell in one day. Operation of Larissa and Suleiman lasted five hours, twice as long was saved by the doctors Nicholas. Unique transplantation held September 3 – Paul family believes the date of the second birthday of the father and the husband of the couple growing 14-year-old son Maxim.

Head of the Department of surgery at the kidney transplant clinic Acıbadem Dr. Remzi Emiroglu stressed that the operation of liver transplantation is a complex task. “If a patient with kidney patients can live with dialysis, those who have serious problems with the liver, no chance. Our patients were lucky – they found a donor. As for the operation itself, then gathered a strong team of surgeons and everything went well,” commented Professor the results of cross-transplantation.

Turkish and Ukrainian families became friends, become almost family. The first year after transplantation will have to be observed by the specialists of the clinic Acıbadem – people gave them full life. And then just remember them with great gratitude.

Врачи клиники Acıbadem провели уникальную операцию по перекрестной трансплантации



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