Dodon said that Moldova will not renounce Association with the EU

Додон заявил, что Молдавия не откажется от ассоциации с ЕС

Igor Dodon

Elected President of Moldova, Igor Dodon said that the country will continue the implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union because the head of state has no powers to denunciation of this document. In particular, he stated in an interview Stirile TV.

“The President has no powers to denunciation of international treaties, including the Association Agreement with the European Union. So, in the program of the party of socialists has a point, but the head of state cannot be President of only those who vote for the socialists, he is the President of all citizens of the country. The implementation of the Association Agreement will continue,” – said Igor Dodon.

While Igor Dodon said that he would seek the resumption of economic relations with Russia, including negotiations on this issue in a trilateral format, involving Moldova, the European Union and Russia.

Regarding the integration into the Eurasian Union, the President-elect noted that “depending on the outcome of future parliamentary elections (the next is in 2018, or extraordinary in 2017)”, the socialist leader is ready to hold a referendum in which the citizens themselves must answer the question in what kind of Union they want to integrate into the European or Eurasian.

We will remind, on 18 November, the CEC of Moldova has officially recognized the victory of Dodona in the presidential election. Voted 55,04% of the electorate, while his opponent, the leader of the party “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu – about 45%.

He became the third popularly elected President of the Republic of Moldova.

Before the election he repeatedly declared that in his opinion, the Crimea belongs to Russia, and promised to reconsider its position if elected him President.