Dogs and wolves have a sense of justice – the scientists

Собаки и волки обладают чувством справедливости – ученые


Dogs and wolves have an innate sense of justice.

Scientists have found that dogs and wolves sense of justice lies at the genetic level. About their work they reported in the journal Current Biology.

The researchers trained the dogs and the wolves click on the button that activated the results of the awards. Animals worked in pairs. If one of the animals received a smaller reward than a partner, or not getting it at all, then after several attempts it refused to press the button. Thus, working alone, they didn’t pay much attention to the size of the treats.

The wolves were more sensitive to injustice, and the reaction was influenced by the position of the animal in the flock: the higher it is, the faster the animal refused cooperation.

The sense of fairness in dogs, scientists have identified and informed. However, it was assumed that it arose in the process of domestication. But the results of the experiment show that this feature of the dogs appeared even before they began to live near humans.

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