Dolphin taught the trick relatives

Дельфин научил трюку сородичей

Dolphin “walking” on the tail

This is the only known fact that mammal in the wild has taught race techniques, which usually teaches people, said experts.

Scientists from Australia found that dolphins can learn from each other, reports the Daily Mail.

It is noted that in 2011, near the southern coast of Australia noticed the dolphins who “go” on the tail. Only one of them knew how to perform this trick.

Animal named Billy three weeks was treated in Dolphinarium of Adelaide in 1988. During the illness a Dolphin saw the reception and after recovery, began to repeat it at will. It is emphasized that this is not specifically taught.

Watching the flock of scientists say that Billy taught “the walk” nine more relatives, which suggests a high level of interaction in the pack, and that dolphins can quickly learn new skills.

According to researchers, these skills help the dolphins to adapt to environmental changes than natural selection that gives their mind a survival advantage in conditions of global warming.

The French have closed the beach due to the excited Dolphin

Previously, oceanographers found that male dolphins seek the favor of females, presenting them gifts.

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