Domestic enterprises need reliable suppliers of metal products

Отечественным предприятиям нужны надежные поставщики металлопроката

Ukraine is among the ten largest steel producers in the world, thanks to the presence of feedstock and energy capacity.

The country has a well developed mining of iron ore and coking coal, and also has the necessary transport infrastructure to transport raw materials and finished products. In this article we will talk about one of the leading companies in the industry, the company “Metallurgist of Ukraine”.

A solid reputation and a great experience

Production companies focus on its production and sale of metal trying to organize structures that do not have experience in this industry. The market often appear and one-day firms, which receive prepayment for goods and simply do not deliver products, or disrupt the timing of shipments, working through numerous intermediaries.

Ensuring a reliable supply of industrial volumes of metal products in the country take on powerful specialized structures, such as the company “Metallurgist of Ukraine”. This organization has been operating since 2003, offering favorable conditions for the realization of different types of metal to domestic consumers. Despite the economic and political crises here we have created excellent infrastructure for the rapid implementation of contractual obligations.

Отечественным предприятиям нужны надежные поставщики металлопроката



Comfortable prices and quality service

LLC “metallurg Ukraine” signed contracts with manufacturers that enable the company to maintain a minimum price level. A well-functioning transport and logistics channels provide fast delivery of hire to the remotest corners of the country. The company uses its own extensive warehousing facilities, allowing you to focus the necessary supplies and stock items to meet the urgent orders of customers.

Customers can purchase a wide range of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel. High quality and performance characteristics of offered goods confirmed by the necessary documents, certificates and licenses. Then implement the production of domestic metallurgical plants and rolling, brought from abroad.

Favorable conditions for all customers

Comfortable prices and excellent conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation, offered by LLC “metallurg Ukraine” attract many customers. High professionalism and high quality of work this company with every customer has allowed it to win the trust of domestic enterprises and organizations.

A solid business reputation this structure has helped her to become the supplier of many leading companies and organizations, including:
• “Ukroboronprom”
• PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”
• Arsenal
• “Scientific research Institute “Kvant”
• PJSC “Berdichev machine-building plant “Progress”
• “Belotserkovsky machine-building plant”

Отечественным предприятиям нужны надежные поставщики металлопроката



Developed structure and professional management

To work in the regions and created a network of structural divisions of open company “Metallurgist Ukraine” in major cities of the country. In the company “Metallurgist of Ukraine” are responsible for delivery minimum order of only several meters of rental, and large, export deliveries of carload norms. Qualified managers help you select the right rental items to solve specific problems of each customer. Here you can also use additional services of processing of metal, getting ready prefabricated to the necessary size.

Cooperation with such a serious and responsible suppliers of rental, as the company “metallurg Ukraine”, allows domestic businesses to grow steadily and to solve a wide range of business problems.