Donbass got the first victory over Kryvbas

Донбасс добыл первую победу над Кривбассом

Donbass beat Kryvbas

Donbass took the lead in the semifinal series of the playoffs.

Players of Donbass won a home victory over Kryvbas in the first match of the semifinal series of playoffs of the championship of Ukraine.

Donbass “involved” in the second period, literally crushing the opponent. The first goal in this semi-final duel abandoned Roman Good, and after a few moments, Oleg Shafarenko has doubled advantage of owners. D

about the end of the period the team of Sergey Viter scored twice efforts of Eugene Nikiforov and Aleksandr Pobedonostsev, thus bringing the score to large.

In the final 20 minutes of Donbass played in a row, retaining its solid advantage.

The second meeting of these teams will take place on Saturday, March 11, also at the arena in Druzhkivka Altair.

The playoffs. 1/2 final. Match 1. The Donbas – Kryvyi Rih– 4:0 (0:0, 4:0, 0:0)

Goals: 1:0 – Good (Nikiforov, Jakovlevs), 20:55, 2:0 – Shafarenko (Petruhno, Good), 23:01, 3:0 – Nikiforov (Shafarenko), 37:03, 4:0 – Pobedonostsev (Bondarev), 38:07.

Donbass: Dyachenko (Lelchuk); Kochetkov – Zakharov – Goldenkov, Kugut (A) – Sirey; Good – Shafarenko – Nikiforov, Aleksyuk – Yakovlevs; Skein (A) Butsenko – The Pews, Petrukhno – Pobedonostsev; Ramazanov – Bondarev (K) – Nimenko, Attic – Grigoriev.

Kryvbas: Beskhlebny (Vyazovov); Slusar – Aleksyuk – Michanek, Belousov – Decalo; Popov – Sekirko (A) – Savchenko, Ryabenko (A) – Afansiev; Crow – Maksimenko – Fistula, Katrich (K) – Aleksandrov; Podgursky, Lyulchuk – Kutsevich, Ruban – Kovalenko

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The same news on Donbass got the first victory over Kryvbas

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