Donbass in overtime snatched victory for Kryvbas

Донбасс в овертайме вырвал победу к Кривбасса

Donbass won, conceding during the match with the score 0:2 and lead the series with the score 2:0.

In the fantasy and intensity of the match Donbass in overtime got second victory over Kryvbas.

In the opening period, the teams were exchanged dangerous moments, but before goals it never came. Bogdan Dyachenko and Andrey Beskhlebny demonstrated exemplary game.

The first could be different guests. After a throw Yaroslav Dyachenko fistula seemed to have caught the puck, but it rolled into the goal.

Kryvbas most complicated task Donetsk to win, scoring the second goal in the beginning of the third period. Donbass immediately rushed forward, but to print the gate Beskhlebnova only managed a 3:38 to the end of the match the efforts of Dmitry Goldenkov.

A minute before the siren the Pitmen’s coaching staff headed by Sergey Viter went for broke, releasing a 6th field player. And I was right! Vitali Lyalka equalized just 6 seconds left and sent the game into overtime. And in extra time the same skein produced a victory for Donbass.

The final victory of Shakhtar let them lead in the series with the score 2:0. Further, the semi-finals moved to Krivoy Rog. March 14, Kryvbas will Donbass on home ice.

Earlier wrote that the region got the first victory over Kryvbas.

The playoffs. 1/2 final. Match 2. Donbass – Kryvbas 3:2 FROM (0:0, 0:1, 2:1, 1:0)

Washer: 0:1 – Fistula (Maximenko, Crow), 24:28, 0:2 – Maetok (Afanasiev, Val. Aleksyuk), 48:49, 1:2 – Goldenkov (Shafarenko, Kochetkov), 56:23, 2:2 – lalka (Kochetkov, Jakovlevs), 59:54, 3:2 – lalka (the pews, Petrukhno-large), 62:01.

Donbass: Dyachenko (S. Lelchuk); Kochetkov – Zakharov – Attic Kugut (A) – Sirey; Good – Shafarenko – Nikiforov, VL. Aleksyuk – Yakovlevs; Skein (A) Butsenko – The Pews, Petrukhno – Pobedonostsev; Ramazanov – Bondarev (K) – Nimenko, Grigoriev – Goldenkov.

Kryvbas: Beskhlebny (Vyazovov); Slusar – Shaft. Aleksyuk – Maetok, Belousov – Decalo; Popov – Sekirko (A) – Savchenko, Ryabenko (A) – Afanasiev; Crow – Maksimenko – Svishchev, Alexander – Katrich (C); Podgurski – A. Lelchuk – Kutsevich, Ruban – Kovalenko.

The same news on Donbass in overtime snatched victory for Kryvbas

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