Donbass in the final of the playoffs UHL

Донбасс в шаге от финала плей-офф УХЛ

The team claimed their third victory in the semifinal series.

Fourth match of the series turned out while the most intense games played. Despite the fact that in the first period of goals spectators have not seen, controversial moments was enough. At least, puck of Donbass, which, after long discussions, was canceled by the referees.

In the second period, the same scene was repeated, and the referee for a very long time could not determine whether the puck crossed the goal line after a shot by Sergei Babinec. In the end, the decision was made to void the goal. And while Kryvbas thought about how to play lag, the Pitmen’s forward Denis Kochetkov doubled the advantage for his team.

In the final period we saw an outdoor hockey game, both teams created numerous chances, but was on the ball, and Andrew Beskhlebny, and Bogdan Dyachenko (shutout). And yet, the author of the first washer, Sergey Babinets, managed to double and set the final score – 3:0 in favor of Donbass.

The series returns in Druzhkivka. Donbass left before the final step, and Kryvbas is no more margin for error.

Kryvbas – Donbass– 0:3 (0:0, 0:2, 0:1)

Washer: 0:1 – babynets (Jakovlevs, skein-great), 22:59, 0:2 – Kochetkov (Zakharov, Syra-large), 36:59, 0:3 – the pews (Petruchio), 50:28.

Kryvbas: Beskhlebny (Vyazovov); Decalo P, Kovalenko, Maksimenko, Savchenko, Sekirko, Crow, Popov, Belousov, Podgurski, Val. Aleksyuk, Alexandrov, Ryabenko, Maetok, Kutsevich, Gorlushko, Lyulchuk A., Katrich, Ruban, Slusar

Donbass: Dyachenko (S. Lelchuk); Egorov – Zakharov – Kochetkov, Kugut – Sira; Nikiforov – Shafarenko – The Good, Yakovlevs – VL. Aleksyuk; Babinets – Butsenko – Skein, Pobedonostsev, Petruhno; Nimenko – Bondarev – Ramazanov, Kamenkov – Grigoriev.

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