Donbass Open Cup In 2016. Donbass became the winner, Kryvbas finish second

Donbass Open Cup-2016. Донбасс стал победителем, Кривбасс финиширует вторым

Ended the last game day in the pre-season tournament “Cup of Donbass”.

In the first match last day’s play in a pre-season tournament in Kharkiv Vityaz played against Kryvbas Kryvyi Rih, who had chances for the second place following the results of competitions in case of misfires Kremenchug in the match against Donbass.

In the first period Kharkiv imposed tough struggle the team of Kryvyi Rih, and opportunities to score were few and thus was recorded a goalless draw. But in the second and third periods of the game the advantage was for Kryvbas, though the first score was opened by knight players, the efforts Kobekova. Note of the Peasant who in every match records in the active points and this game is no exception. On account of forward krivbas abandoned washer and efficient transfer.

Thus, the Krivbass scored nine points after four matches, and the knight with one point on the last line.

Knight – Kryvbas 1:6 (0:0, 1:3, 0:3)

Puck: 32:15 Kubikov (Posevin) – 1:0; 33:18 Villager (Chernenko, Nimenko) – 1:1; 36:30 Sekirko (Mazula, Macriţchii) – 1:2; 39:51 Katrich (Mazula, Val. Aleksyuk) – 1:3; 41:46 Tolkunov (Cherevach, Ruban) – 1:4; 47:54 Villager (Nimenko, Chernenko – large.) – 1:5; 59:53 Sheremetyev (Sekirko, Mazola) – 1:6

Goalkeepers: Napinka – Beskhlebny

Vityaz: Of Nabanco (Stepankov); Panteleymonov, Oksenenko, Poddubny, Kachmar, Priests, Mul, Gasimov, Matvienko; Salnikov, Maksimenko, Krivonos, Posevin, Mikolenko, Elovikov, Efremov, Hanin, Kubikov, Murtishaw, Alexanyan-P.

Kryvbas: Beskhlebny (Cherepanov); Maheriv, Ryabenko, Macriţchii, Alexandrov, Katrich, Gorlushko, Cherevach; Sekirko, Peasants, Masala, Slusar, Val. Aleksyuk, Podgurski, Tolkunov, Kutsevich, Ruban

In the second match of the tournament host Donbass Donetsk in the decisive duel was arguing in the first place Kremenchug.

In the first period, the teams gave us a lot of hassles and force, which the Pitmen played three times in the minority. but was able to survive, a real hero for Donbass became Viktor Zakharov, who has entered into a foreign area and suddenly dropped from the defender it into the far corner, thus opening the scoring.

In the second period, the situation repeated itself in relation to the bills on the scoreboard, as the team of Anatolia Stepanischev was able to double their advantage thanks to an abandoned washer in the performance of them at the start of the period.

The third period is left for the guest team. Both teams spent the final period of play on the swings and showed open hockey with lots of attacks. In the end, the Donetsk team won the meet scoring a score of 4:3. Most active in the third period was a defender of Donbass Ramazanov, who scored twice.

Thus, Donbass won the tournament after four matches scored 12 points. The second place went to newcomer to the Ukrainian hockey Kryvbas with nine points, and have Kremenchug remained six points.

Donbass – HC Kremenchug 4:3 (1:0, 1:0, 2:3)

Washers: 11:43 Zakharov (Gavrik) – 1:0; 24:20 Bolshakov – 2:0; 44:12, Gnidenko (Ignatenko) – 2:1; 51:52 Ramazanov (VL. Aleksyuk) – 3:1; 55:32 Gnidenko (Ignatenko) – 3:2; 56:19 Ramazanov (Kugut, Bolshakov) – 4:2; 57:59 Basco (Covalent – great.) – 4:3

Goalies: Tsaregorodtsev – Zakharchenko

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev (Dyachenko); Pobedonostsev, RAM, VL. Aleksyuk, Kugut, Petrukhno, Bbw, Grigoriev; Kochetkov, Shafarenko, Bondarev, Ramazanov, Bolshakov Of Egorov, Demjanjuk, Butsenko, Pews, Attic, Zakharov, Gavrik

HC Kremenchuk, Ukraine: Zakharchenko (He); Romanenko, Isayenko, head, Ignatenko, Varivoda, Sirchenko, Akimov, Vasil’ev; Korenchuk, Kuzmik, Hey, Kitsch, Gnidenko, Petrakovskii, Ovchinnikov, Chernyshenko, Covalent, meadow, Gritsenko, Boykov

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