Donbass Open Cup In 2016. Donbass defeated White leopard, Kremenchug lost to Kryvbas

Donbass Open Cup-2016. Донбасс разгромил Белый Барс, Кременчуг уступил Кривбассу

Ended the fourth day in a pre-season tournament “Cup of Donbass”.

In the first match of the day in a pre-season tour “Cup of Donbass” Kremenchug Dmitry Podgornogo met with the head of Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas, which this season is writing its own history and will take part in the championship of Ukraine.

In the first period chances were very few, and the goal was only one and he was in the gate of the Vice-Champions of Ukraine. At the end of the first period Ryabenko, a powerful shot, Zakharchenko parried, and the first on the rebound was Sekirko, who opened the scoring.

In the second period criminogene owned a significant competitive advantage and were able to bring in two unanswered goals in the gate of Krivorotov. Already on 19-th second of the second period Kuzmik gave a good pass to Hearing, and Belarusian footballer tied the score on the scoreboard. And five minutes before the second break the team of Dmitry Podgornogo was able to pull ahead thanks to the implementation of the numerical advantage. The author of the goals in most, was all the same Sergey Kuzmik, who was assisted by Hey.

In the third period, Kremenchug thought of high success that did not have time to really placed on the set, as the score was equal. In the second minute of the third period, the Peasant threw another puck at the tournament. In the middle period of passion on the ice so escalated that escalated into a fight between four players: Romanenko against Cherevach, and I Hear you butted heads with Chernenko. After the fight, the referee spent all night in the penalty box.

It would seem that overtime the teams could not be avoided, as three minutes before the final siren the team of Kryvyi Rih have implemented most of the efforts of the same Villager, who scored twice, playing on the rebound.

For the Kryvyi Rih team this victory was the second in the tournament and they have risen to second place, and Kremenchug also has six points, but inferior in personal meetings Kryvbas.

HC Kremenchuk – Kryvyi Rih 2:3 (0:1, 2:0, 0:2)

Washer: 16:58 Sekirko (Ryabenko, Peasants) – 0:1; 20:19 Hear (Kuzmik) – 1:1; 35:04 Kuzmik (Slysh – large.) – 1:2; 41:46 Villager – 2:2; 57:10 Peasants (Chernenko) – 2:3

Goalkeepers: Zakharchenko – Cherepanov

HC Kremenchuk, Ukraine: Zakharchenko (He); Isaenko, Romanenko, head, Ignatenko, Degtyarev, Sirchenko, Vasiliev, Varivoda; Korenchuk, Kuzmik, Hey, Kitsch, Gnidenko, Petrakovskii, Ovchinnikov, Chernyshenko, Covalent, Mikulka, Karpenko, Janiszewski

Kryvbas: Cherepanov (Beskhlebny); Ryabenko, Maheriv, Cherevach, Katrich, Alexandrov, Macriţchii, Gorlushko; Nimenko, Chernenko, Sheremetyev, Peasants, Sekirko, Masala, Slusar, Val. Aleksyuk, Podgurski, Savchenko, Kutsevich, Tolkunov, Ruban

In the second match of the day the tournament hosts and venues in Druzhkovka, Donetsk Donbass confidently beat White bars bila Tserkva with the score 10:2.

For a game with the team of the Konstantin butsenko, the Pitmen’s head coach decided to spare their key players – Kochetkova, Bondareva and Shafarenko, but will mark the return to the ice of Sergei Babinets, who has recovered from injury and also the place in goal was taken by Bogdan Dyachenko.

In the first period came a great struggle between two teams on a collision course, which was a draw with the score 2:2. Note that three of the four goals were scored in the majority. In the remaining two periods, the team of Anatoly Stepanisheva not left on the White bars “no stone unturned” by sending forty minutes with eight unanswered goals Vlasenko.

After three matches Donbass has scored nine points, and Belotserkovsky team after four matches scored just two points.

White Bars – Donbass 2:10 (2:2, 0:3, 0:5)

Washers: 04:40 Bolshakov (Pobedonostsev, Egorov – large.) – 0:1; 07:20 Butler (Razumov) – 1:1; 13:51 Gavrik (Bbw, Attic – great.) – 1:2; 17:03 Butler (A. Lelchuk Minds – great.) – 2:2; 23:30 Bolshakov (Egorov, Loft) – 2:3; 34:09 Zakharov (Bbw, George) – 2:4; 39:15 The Raven (VL. Aleksyuk) – 2:5; 43:57 Svishchev (Kugut) – 2:6; 49:12 Bolshakov (butsenko, pews) – 2:7; 54:13 Egorov (greater.) – 2:8; 55:50 Zakharov (Lighthouse) – 2:9; 57:55 Babinets (Ramazanov) – 2:10

Goalkeepers: Vlasenko – Dyachenko

White Bars: Vlasenko (Krasnopolsky); Good Pocelujevka, Sukhonos, A. Lelchuk, Butler, Gritsenko, Tonkovid, Logic; Caves, Romashchenko, Foresters, Cheremnov Minds Of The Generals, Mkrtchyan, Danilenko, Senik, Shevchenko, Naidenov, Ruzhnikov

Donbass: Dyachenko (S. Lelchuk); Pobedonostsev, RAM, VL. Aleksyuk, Kugut, Petrukhno, Bbw, Grigoriev; Ramazanov, Bolshakov Of Egorov, Damanik, Butsenko, Pews, Attic, Zakharov, Gavrik, Crow, Mazur, Fistula

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