Donbass – the champion of Ukraine on hockey

Донбасс - чемпион Украины по хоккею

Donbass defeats American boxer Malik and prepares the title

Donbass won four of the victory over American boxer Malik and again won the League title.

In Kiev held the fourth match of the final series of the championship of Ukraine between American boxer Malik and Donbass. Guest team has won all matches of the final series and unequivocally won the title.

The owners of the site tried from the outset to seize the advantage, however, the Donbass competently played in defence and by the end of the first period had the advantage in two washers. In the remaining two periods the teams showed equal game, and the final siren has recorded a victory in the Donbas and the fourth League title for the club.

American Boxer Malik – Donbass– 1:3 (0:2; 0:0; 1:1)

American Boxer Malik: E. Zaharchenko (Seliverstov, 17:57). Afanasiev – Tolkunov, Shpak – Pobedonostsev, Combat – Melnikov, Scripts – Tatarenko. Sekerka – Gnidenko – Karaoluk, I. Savchenko – Shaman – Slyusar, Kitsch – I. Janitor – Carol, Bezugly – Shaft. Alexuk –Timchenko.

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev. Tolstushka – Carp, Katrich – Gorban, VL. Alexuk – Petruhno, Taran. The Site Of Derail – Doxin – Kochetkov, Shakhvorostov – Varlamov – Zakharov, Nikiforov – Butsenko – Babinec, Attic – Romashchenko – Cosmic.

Goals: 0:1. Varlamov (Katrych, Zakharov, 14:07), 0:2. The Site Of Derail (Dokshin, Gorban, 17:57), 0:3. Zakharov (Varlamov, Katrich, 44:16), 1:3. Bezugly (Timchenko, Scripts, 45:09)

Account series: 0:4

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