Donbass tried to smuggle five tons of weapons

С Донбасса пытались вывезти пять тонн оружия

The total weight of the seized weapons is around five tons

Military weapons, as well as hundreds of grenades, grenades, flamethrowers, powder charges and ammunition tried to smuggle in the Central region of the country.

Police found a large cache of weapons near Severodonetsk in Luhansk region. He was planning to move in the Central regions of Ukraine for further sale. On the evening of Thursday, November 9, reported the press service of the SBU.

It is noted that the weapons were hidden in the same place of a dislocation of one of the military units.

All law enforcement officers seized 170 grenades, nearly 250 grenades of various modifications, 150 fuses, propellant charges 140 for shots, grenade launchers RPG-26 and RPG-22, flamethrowers, jet engines, explosives, trip mines and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition for firearms. The total weight of seized weapons is five tons.

In addition, operatives of intelligence agencies have discovered several caches of ready-to sale of military weapons.



Recall that a week earlier in Melitopol detained arms dealer. He bought weapons and ammunition for resale, in particular, representatives of criminal circles.

Before that, the Military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine detained in the Poltava merchant firearms.


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