Donetsk filtering station, then stopped again

Донецкая фильтровальная станция снова остановилась

Donetsk filtration station

The shelling the filter station has stopped working.

Donetsk filtering station in the evening on July 22 was de-energized and stopped working. This reports the press center of staff ATO on his page in Facebook.

The Ukrainian side of the Joint center for control and coordination States, which is another provocation by separatists.

It is noted that DFS emergency on the Ukrainian side of the JCCC has notified employees of the station. At the same time, within 20 minutes, the separatists announced the beginning of the alleged attack by the Armed forces of Ukraine, which led to a blackout of the station.

“The Ukrainian side believes that this fake attack nothing like innuendo to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and the APU. This is the second such attempt of the IAF organized by the ORDO over the past two days”, – stated in the message.

The CP Company Donbass Water reported that on 22 July at 19.25 in hostilities de-energized Donetsk filtering station.

“Stopping the supply of water to towns: Avdeevka, partly Donetsk and Yasinovataya, towns: Verkhnetoretskoye, Red Partisans, villages: Vasilevka and Kruta Balka” – said in a statement.

In Luhansk, tens of thousands of people without water

Recall, July 1 in the fighting there has been damage to high voltage power lines that led to the termination of the power of Donetsk filtering station. 3, the filtering station was resumed.

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