Donetsk Prosecutor’s office demanded to change the status of the Russian language

Донецкая прокуратура потребовала изменить статус русского языка

The Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region

The Donetsk regional Prosecutor demands to cancel the decision of regional Council about granting to Russian of the status regional in the territory of the region.

The Donetsk region Prosecutor’s office has demanded cancellation of the decision of the regional Council, according to which the Russian language in the region recognized as the regional. On Friday, September 21, the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office in Facebook.

“The office of the regional Prosecutor’s office established that the decision of Donetsk regional Council from 16.08.2012 No. 6/14-346 On implementation of the requirements of the law of Ukraine On principles of state language policy in Donetsk region recognized in the region along with the Ukrainian language as the state language, Russian language as a regional”, – stated in the message.

At the same time, the Constitutional court of Ukraine 28.02.2018 in case No. 1-1/2018 the act is recognized inconsistent with the Constitution of Ukraine. While the Donetsk regional Council is not accepted any measures for cancellation of its decision.

On elimination of the revealed violations by Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region in Donetsk district administrative court the claim in interests of the state on the recognition illegal and invalid the decision.

“Also, aiming at the abolition of illegal decisions of the territorial councils have taken on these issues, Volnovakha, Constantine, the Slavic and Kramatorsk local prosecutors filed six claims. Currently, the lawsuits are sent to court”, – said the Prosecutor.

We will remind, earlier on the territory of Lviv region were established a ban on public use of Russian cultural product. The corresponding decision on September 18 session was attended by deputies of the Lviv regional Council. In particular, the draft decision noted that the restrictions to ban the use of Russian songs, movies and other Russian product will operate in the region to end the occupation of the Ukrainian territories.

It was also reported that the Nikolaev district administrative court invalidated the decision of regional Council about granting to Russian of the status regional.

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