Donít be selfish towards the future visa-free regime

Не относитесь эгоистично к будущему безвизовому режиму

The vote on bezveza in the European Parliament to be held in the first week of April, then the decision must be approved by the member countries of the EU, published in the journal of the European Union. This will be counted 20 days, and then the decision will come into force.

I want to take this opportunity to make one non-standard opinion: the visa-free regime with the EU for travel in the tourism, private purposes is not only a right, but also certain responsibilities.

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The EU will not be the first country with which Ukraine has a visa-free regime. So I want to encourage all citizens of Ukraine who want to use the right of visa-free travel to Europe respect European laws and regulations, enjoy visiting Europe, and timely return to Ukraine, without violating the laws of the countries of the EU. Donít be selfish towards the future visa-free regime. Violating the conditions of stay in the EU without a visa, you potentially take away the right of those citizens of Ukraine who are law-abiding visit the EU. Don’t forget that one of the reasons for delaying the introduction of visa-free travel was the theme of the development of a mechanism for the suspension.

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I have no reason to believe that a significant number of citizens of Ukraine will violate the visa-free regime. This is evidenced by the beliefs of our officials, and EU officials. But there are cases: for example, as a visa-free regime with Israel. And this was recently discussed at the briefing in the foreign Ministry, where a visa-free regime with Israel, unfortunately, is operated not law-abiding citizens of Ukraine. This leads to the fact that the citizens who sincerely visit Israel as tourists – are on the border and their return to Ukraine. Therefore, I appeal to the citizens of Ukraine: do not be selfish and enjoy the rights of visa-free regime with Israel, other countries and I hope that the summer will be provided by the European Union.

Sergey Kislitsa

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