Don’t listen to TV:what is good for Your teeth

Не слушайте телевизор:что действительно полезно для Ваших зубов

Recommended – not recommended: a guide to really useful products for teeth

The modern food industry is very active society imposes the “correct” way of eating. Sometimes he right, sometimes not quite. Products that, in principle, affect the good functionality of the body may be affected a little worse on the functionality of the teeth and Vice versa – that for healthy teeth and gums is considered the best product may not be as nutritious and tasty as You would like. What really helps the individual hygiene, and that it inhibits?

+ Recommended: cheese, meat, nuts and milk

In the data products contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus – the two main “building” material of enamel. Meat and milk should be alternated with solid food, otherwise the abundance of the protein can lead to excessive development of plaque.

Not recommended: there are many products made with white flour and starch

These include potato chips, crackers, white bread and pasta. All these products contain more sugar than actual whole wheat, so after use I rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

+ Recommended: hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables

Eat hard vegetables and fruits first thing is to clean the enamel of the tooth gaps of accumulated soft plaque. It also contains the juice that stimulates the production of saliva and diluting sugar and acid compounds microflora.

– Not recommended: a lot of citrus and acidic foods

Lemons, oranges, sour berries, pickles and dishes with vinegar, used in excess, erode the natural enamel coating. This increases the chances of carious lesions and the development of tooth sensitivity.

+ Recommended: water

Yes, plain water is not very tasty, usually you can say no. But fluoridated drinking water is the best protector of enamel and dentin. Also plain water dilutes the sugar and acid plaque forming throughout the day.

– Not recommended: soda and sweet drinks

All sodas, not to mention their color types, harmful not only for healthy teeth but for the whole body. Sparkling mineral water – this is not a real natural product: if You ever tasted real spring water, You know that the level of soda in it is negligible or absent.

The juices offered by the industry, as a natural, not too natural: if You squeeze out the juice from fruits and vegetables at home, You make sure that the sugar level in this drink is categorically different from mass product.

Do not forget about the staining of the enamel these drinks – excessive consumption of staining beverages will change to natural white to yellowish-grey shade, which can be recovered only with the help of bleaching.

+ Recommended: sugar-free chewing gum (sometimes)

Chewing gum, because of its sticky structure cleanses the teeth, but if it contains sugar, it becomes both harmful for the teeth. This is almost literally chewing sugar may aggravate present caries or stomatitis.

– Not recommended: caramelized sweetness

On a sugar plaque we already know. In the case of caramelized sweets and sugar candies the effect of plaque lingers for hours and not washed off completely, even drinking water or when chewing hard vegetables. Try replace sweets like dried fruit or dark chocolate.

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I hope this article was interesting for You. Success and stay healthy!