Don’t waste a Golden opportunity, the best deals ILIFE already on AliExpress

Не теряйте золотую возможность, лучшие предложения ILIFE уже сейчас на AliExpress

ILIFE, innovative company focused on users offers many very strange decisions in their signature lines to celebrate the AliExpress 11.11 Shopping Festival Global.

Buyers ILIFE can be happy as wipe the robot vacuum cleaners series V – Plus V5s and V7s Pro, robots A-series for cleaning carpets – A8 and A7, and the latest robot for cleaning floors W400 participate in this great promotion with savings up to 51%. For people or families who have a lot of household chores is the best time of year to gain a master of purity.

The campaign will officially begin on November 11 and will continue through November 12. And now pre-orders can be issued on the official store Life and the Spanish shop on AliExpress, and for early pre-order special offers. Add to cart, and Your smart pure life will not keep itself waiting.

Не теряйте золотую возможность, лучшие предложения ILIFE уже сейчас на AliExpress



Parts limited offers:


Manufacturer’s recommended price

The price of the event


Plus V7s

US $ 333.31



V5s Pro

US $ 257.13




US $ 384.60




US $ 399.98




US $ 461.52




US $ 257.13




US $ 399.99



V3s Pro

US $ 199.99




US $ 357.13




  • Wipe high-performance robot vacuum – V7sPlus: dirt and dust can be easily cleaned with brushes and suction, and then get into the trash, and stains are efficiently removed by using a microfibre fabric. Additionally, thanks to the high capacity battery, V7sPro will help to effectively clean multiple rooms and large spaces.
  • Bestseller, the robot 2-in-1 – V5sPro: thanks to the powerful suction and wet wiping V5sPro makes it easy to clean the dust and debris, to cope with the dirt on the hard floor. It has four cleaning modes: angles, perimeter, automated and on-task, which allows to satisfy any wishes cleaning.
  • More serious than you think – A7:with the exceptional cleaning system CyclonePower, A7 can perform highly effective cleaning and to solve complex problems, offering practical solutions for home cleaning. A7 is controlled via the multifunctional application, or the remote control or the button on the case, the A7 meets the needs of all family members.
  • The first generation of “real” robots for floor washing – W400: cleaning more thorough than wiping robots. ILIFEW400 “washes” the floor repeatedly and thoroughly in 4 stages: moisturizes stains, cleans the floor and sucks the dirty water and removes remnants from the floor. Thus, it can easily cope with a “serious” spots on the floor, including sauce, paint and scuff marks, and also removes the water from the floor to prevent falls on slippery floor.

Не теряйте золотую возможность, лучшие предложения ILIFE уже сейчас на AliExpress



And again, ILIFE interacts with DEKO to provide a more vivid discounts. Drill DEKO GCD12DU3 12V MAX 3/8” self-leveling laser DEKO 4V1H1D series LL5 will also be a part of this action. To buy the products of ILIFE or DEKO at the festival AliExpress11.11 GlobalShoppingFestival click on the link