Doused with acid Gandzyuk has already undergone 11 operations

Облитая кислотой Гандзюк перенесла уже 11 операций

Catherine Gandzyuk is still in intensive care

Catherine Gandzyuk is still in intensive care. Saved her eyesight, but the state must be constantly maintained.

A month and a half after the assassination attempt on the life of activist and head of the Department of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk has already undergone 11 operations to remove dead tissue and skin grafting. This is with reference to the husband of the victim Sergey Denisov said on Friday, September 21, Center of information on human rights.

According to the husband of the victim, the last surgery took place on 18 September.

“How many more transactions you need, it is difficult to say, it is constantly in the process of discussion. Because this is a complicated case due to such a massive defeat of the acid,” – said Denisov, adding that it is currently unknown whether it is necessary to continue treatment abroad.

He also said that the most successful results of treatment saved eye, i.e. saved eyesight, already partially new skin, which caught on, and overall improving the General condition of the victim.

Облитая кислотой Гандзюк перенесла уже 11 операций

Photo: hand of the victim Gandzyuk (

“However, doctors still do not rule out possible risks, and hence a threat to life due to the least infection, which may prevent treatment and recovery, so Catherine is still in intensive care. That is, her condition must be constantly maintained,” explained the husband of the activist.

As reported, now in the case of the attack on Gandzyuk police checked the former head of Department of protection of economy of police of the Kherson region Artem Antoshka.

We will remind, on July 31 in Kherson unknown poured acid over the employee of city Council Catherine Gandzyuk. The activist was diagnosed with chemical burns, she is in the hospital and is still undergoing painful surgery.

Law enforcement officers initially classified the attack on Gandzyuk as hooliganism, then reclassified to serious injuries for the purpose of intimidation, and later on attempted murder.

The activist criticized the work of law enforcement bodies of the region, and also opposed Pro-Russian political organizations in the Kherson region. In addition, she spoke about the abuses of the municipal authorities of Kherson.

On 20 August the President of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev said that, in General, the police detained five people “suspected of consequence in the organization and complicity in the Commission of attempted murder” Gandzyuk.

August 23, Kherson, the court arrested the fifth suspect in the case Gandzyuk 23-year-old resident of Zhytomyr region Nikita of Grabowka. It the consequence considers as the direct executor of attempt at murder of the official.

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