Dozens of Amazon employees have suffered from the means to deter bears

Десятки сотрудников Amazon пострадали от средства для отпугивания медведей

Doctors hospitalized 24 workers of the warehouse centre Amazon, including one in critical condition.

The operation of storage center of Amazon in the us city of Robbinsville in new Jersey was suspended because of the incident with the spray to deter bears.

This was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, 5 December.

It is noted that one of the cans with the spray was damaged. Vrezultate 54 warehouse employee complained of difficulty breathing and burning eyes and throat. Doctors hospitalized 24 workers, including one in critical condition.

The work of the centre was soon restored. Amazon say that the majority of hospitalized are discharged from the hospital within days.

The Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville operates with 2014. It covers an area of about 93 thousand square meters, it employs about 2.5 thousand employees.

Previously in the United States two people died as a result of the collapse in the Amazon sorting center in Maryland. The location of the centre, were thunderstorms with wind gusts and torrential rain.

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