Drivers warned of icy roads and sleet on December 25-27

Водителей предупредили о гололеде на дорогах и снеге с дождем 25-27 декабря

Natspolitsiya asked drivers to be careful on the roads during the period 25 to 27 December, in connection with the expected icy conditions and forecasts of snow with Doge. This was reported on the website of the office of road safety of national police.

“Under such weather conditions, drivers should be cautious when crossing bridges and overpasses, refuse from risky manevrirovanie, don’t exceed speed, observe a safe distance”, – stated in the message.

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Also recommended to be careful of pedestrians and not go on the roadway directly in front of the vehicle as the driver simply did not have time to slow down.

“Given the ice, move down the sidewalk with care, cross the road only at designated places”, – stated in the message.

As reported, on December 23, Kyiv is expected to fog.