Drogba: African teams took a big step back

Дрогба: Африканские сборные сделали большой шаг назад

The legendary striker believes that Africans need to change strategy.

The former striker of the national team of côte d’ivoire’s Didier Drogba commented on the situation, when no African team failed to reach the playoffs for the 2018 world Cup.

“In my opinion, is a big step backwards. But I also think that this is a chance for African teams and for the DEPARTMENT – ability to review the strategy with regard to how we want to play at the next world Cup. We have the capacity and money to develop. But we need more than that.

We need stability and structure like teams from Europe and South America. And then, given the enthusiasm with which football is perceived on the continent, we will one day succeed. But you have to think about how we approach this competition,” Drogba wrote on twitter.

Recall that the national team of Senegal became the first team that went according to the rules of fair play.

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