Drunken militants today fired at from machine guns and machine guns a house in the Sahanka, – ATO headquarters

Пьяные боевики сегодня обстреляли из пулеметов и автоматов жилой дом в Саханке, - штаб АТО

Drunken militants of illegal armed groups today shelled a residential house in Sahanka the Donetsk region, said the headquarters of ATO.

As stated in the message, the terrorists calling itself the “regiment of Marines”, I said “professional holiday,” and after drinking alcohol, opened fire from machine guns and machine guns at the residential home.

“This 2nd company tomorrow wakes up, rubs eyes, sees what you’ve done and, of course, will scream that it’s all done by Ukrainians. And bullets fired from the front, can’t come from behind, perhaps finally, civilians in the occupied territories will begin to believe their own eyes and the facts, not the TV of the occupiers,” – noted in the headquarters.

Note, the day fighters 34 times fired at APU. Among other things, came under fire from the village of the Luhansk.